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A.2 Early Rousseau/ Related Families GENEALOGY

This web page will cover the direct ROUSSEAU family genealogy and the NEXT PAGE will cover the immediate family genealogy of the HUARD, Grégoire, Turcotte and Plante familes Section A.3 will cover a brief overview of the life experiences of the Rousseau clan in Québec .

A2.1 Early Rousseau Family Genealogy

The family genealogy of the Hubert Brooks of this biography can be traced back as far as 1590 with Honoré Rousseau who was born abt. 1590 in Gourgé, Poitou-Charentes, FRANCE and this family lineage will be documented shortly. Honoré's son, Thomas Rousseau established the family line in New France and thus North America.

The North American genealogical history of the (Thomas) Rousseau extended family starts off on Québec's (New France's) de Île d'Orléans then moves to the parishes of the south shore (of Québec City) and then thereafter to almost all regions of Québec and North America (and in particular North Dakota in the case of descendant Louis Rousseau) following the pioneer movement and occupation of these regions by thousands of similar French-Canadian families in search of better living conditions.


As discussed briefly in A.3, the dates and place of birth and of death of Thomas Rousseau are frustratingly clouded in mystery and confusion.

For those wanting to only focus on the KEY elements of the story, note the description for Hubert Rousseau Brooks and his father Louis Rousseau Brooks in the GENERATION 6 description below.

The origin of the surname Rousseau is reportedly one of the most elusive for anyone researching ancestry origins.

The risk of error in identifying one's family lineage is great for the surname Rousseau could be derived from similar sounding names as diverse as: Rouso, Roussau, Rouseleau, Rousseault, Rousseaux, Rousso, Ruseau, Ruso, Russo, Rouzeau, Boussau, Brosseau, Brousseau, and many others -- all derived from some of the oldest family names in France such as; Roux, Roussin, Roussy, Ruz which were quite common in the old French provinces of Burgundy, Picardy, Brittany and Poitou.

The situation is further complicated for those seeking family origins by the multiple generations who spread over not only over the various regions of Québec, but also elsewhere in Canada and the United States, where by affiliation with the English language and environment and "trying to fit in" the name Rousseau which means "stream" in english was anglizied and replaced by "Rousseau-Brook" or "Brook" or more commonly "Brooks".

In Québec, the surname Rousseau now occupies the 82nd place out of the thousand most common surnames.

According to Gervaise Rousseau-Ouellette, who quotes the French genealogist Robert Rousseau, Rousseau is a name of a derived from the surname Roux, which would in turn derives from the French transcription of the Latin name of a family of the vassal lords named Rufus, whose origins also would merge with those of another large family, Fuscardus, of Germanic origin, who reigned in the eighth century in the region now called Burgundy.

The Rufus or Roux of Burgundy would have morphed to Rousseau. Thomas Rousseau most likely would be a lineal descendant of Roux-Rousseau of Burgundy.

The story of Rufus or Roux of Burgundy is also very interesting. Some of them stand out as merchants, winemakers, even as knights. A knight named Hugo Rebeus (Hughes Roux) participates in the First Crusade (1096-1099) in the Holy Land and the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 with other Burgundian knights; another knight named Aymon Roux takes part in the Second Crusade (1147-1149), known as "Crusade of the Burgundians"; a third named Hugues Roux stays in the Holy Land and returned with the title of Knight of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (l�Hôpital Saint-Jean-de-Jérusalem).

Genealogist Robert Rousseau, found in Burgundy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries families with the surname Roux who were known as Rousseau, for example Pierre Rousseau de La Bussiere.

Of the approximately eighteen different family lines of Rousseau that came to New France in the seventeenth century, eleven - including "our ancestor Thomas Rousseau" - are from the southwest of France, more precisely the former regions of Angouleme, of Aunis, of Saintonge, of Poitou, all located near the Atlantic Ocean, and now part of the Poitou-Charentes region of France.

Although initially the so-called eighteen Rousseau family lines would have only a few notable offspring, it is suggested by Rousseau genealogists Chantal Rousseau and Guildo Rousseau that a large percentage of North American Rousseaus descend from Thomas Rousseau due to the prolific generation of male children by succeeding generations of "Thoms Rousseau line offspring".

It is further suggested that Thomas Rousseau was one of the early "Rousseau" to arrive in New France.
(For example, see WEB LINK identifying identifying arrivals to New France with the surname ROUSSEAU.

Finaly, Michael Brooks of Alberta, has provided the image below of a Rousseau Coat of Arms and another historical background on the name Rousseau. It is not known IF there is a relationship here with the Thomas Rousseau line of Rousseaus. An image of another Rousseau Family Crest can be found by clicking on the WEB LINK .


The known Rousseau family genealogy is as follows with "Generation 0" being arbitrarily assigned to Honoré Rousseau (reference sources will be provided shortly):
(One will quickly notice that the number of children raised by most of the families in those early days was far greater than today's standards. There were several reasons for this; families needed the help around the farm, birth control was not as widespread, and to populate "New France" Louis XIV, the Sun-King, has his colony government pass a law that if you had 10 children you received a family allowance of 350 livres per year, and if you had 12, you received 450 livres per year.)

Image Historic Regions of FRANCE GENERATION 0:
  1. Honoré Rousseau born abt. 1590 in Gourgé, Department of Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes Region, FRANCE.
  2. Marie Boillerot/Billerot born abt. 1595 in FRANCE; died before 1667.
  3. Honore and Marie were married abt. 1625 in Gourgé, Poitou-Charentes Region, FRANCE (or alternate documents state Oroux, district of Parthenay, diocese of Poitiers, ancient province of Poitou (department of Deux-Sevres today), France.) It is thought that they had only one child, Thomas.
  1. Thomas Rousseau's birth date, place of birth, date and place of death has generated a lot of controversy amongst Rousseau geneaologists. (see Section A3.1)
    Best information indicates that Thomas Rousseau was born abt. 1626 in Gourgé, Department of Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes Region, FRANCE. He came to Canada in 1662. He died somtime between May 1712 and July 1715 in Québec, Canada. No act of burial has been traced so far to absolutely confirm either of these dates, nor the exact place of burial. He was the son of Honoré Rousseau and Marie Boillerot/Billerot.
  2. Madeleine Ollivier (aka Olivier) was born abt. 1637 in Caudebec-en-Caux, Seine Maritime, Upper Normandie, FRANCE. Madeleine was a so called "Fille du Roi" or "King's Daughter" (see Section A3.1.4). She died April 21, 1690 in St-Laurent, Ile D'Orleans, Québec, Canada. She was the daughter of Jean Ollivier and Louise Prévost
  3. Thomas and Madeleine were married October 05, 1667 in Notre-Dame de Québec, Québec, Canada (Registre de la paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Oct 5, 1667).
    The 11 Children of Thomas and Madeleine included:
    1. Anne-Marie-Catherine (b. July 19, 1668 Notre-Dame-de-Québec) (d. December 7, 1749 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) who would marry Simon Fournier (b. April 27, 1667) on Nov 12, 1691, The couple would have 10 children all born in Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny.
    2. Marie-Madeleine (b. May 6, 1670 Sainte-Famille,de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. Jan 20, 1686 Saint-Laurant, de de Île d'Orléans,) ,
    3. Geneviève (b. May 6, 1671 Sainte-Famille, de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. Oct 27, 1708 Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny) who would marry Jean-François Langlois (b. Feb 27, 1667) on Jan 8, 1692. The couple would have 8 children the first in Saint-Pierre and the rest in Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny. Following Geneviève's death, Jean-François would marry (m. April 9, 1709) Marie-Charlotte Davaux Laplante, and then following her death would marry (m. April 30, 1714) Angélique Destroismaisons
    4. Pierre (twin of Martin) (b. Dec 25, 1673 Sainte-Famille,de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. Sept 9, 1684),
    5. Martin (twin of Pierre) (b. Dec 25, 1673 Sainte-Famille,de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. approx May 1716) who would marry (m. Mar 3, 1700) Marie-Élizabeth Thibeau (or Thibeault) (b. Mar 16, 1673) (d. June 12, 1756) The couple would have 7 children - one boy Joseph-Blaise, and the rest girls. However the marriage would not last, and Marie-Élizabeth would marry (m. Nov 22, 1691) Jacques Bélanger
    6. Marguerite (b. Sept 7, 1676 Sainte-Famille, de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. approx early 1731) would marry (m. May 30, 1696) Pierre-Noël Morin Valcourt (b. Feb 26, 1672), The couple would have 11 children. Pierre-Noël would then marry (m. Aug 21, 1731) Marie-Hélène Maranda Marendeau following Marguerite's death
    7. Marie (b. Mar 19, 1679 Sainte-Famille, de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. Sept 21, 1680),
    8. Thomas (b. Nov 11, 1680 Saint-Pierre, de de Île d'Orléans,) Placed in l�Hôpital Général de Québec by his brothers and sisters in 1716. ,
    9. Louise (b. Mar 20, 1682 Saint-Laurent,de de Île d'Orléans,) who would marry (m. June 14, 1701) Jean-Baptiste Proulx (b. Oct 16, 1677) (d. Apr 20, 1756) The coiuple would have 9 children.,
    10. Antoine (b. Apr 3, 1684 Saint-Laurent,de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. July 5, 1761) who would marry (m. April 9, 1709 at St. Laurant île d'Orleans) Anne-Catherine Bouffard (b. May 8, 1688) (d. Oct 14, 1748), (The couple would have 7 children.)
      Editor's NOTE: This is the Rousseau Family line whose descendants (René Rousseau and daughters) live on île d'Orléans to this day (2013). The family continues to operate a butcher's shop first opened by the Rousseau family in Sainte Pierre (This section of Sainte Pierre is now called Ste. Pétronille) in 1853 - on land originally titled to the Rousseau family. (see SECTION 3 for more information.)
    11. Jean-Baptiste (b. July 22, 1686 Saint-Laurent,de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. Mar 5, 1773) who would marry (m. May 23, 1712, Saint-Thomas-de Montmagny) Marie-Catherine Rouleau (b. Oct 6, 1689) (d. prior to Nov 1737) and then upon her early untimely death marry (m. Nov 17, 1737 Saint-Thomas-de Montmagny) Marie-Madeleine Destroismaisons dit Picard (b. June 19, 1711) (d. Mar 25, 1771), Marie-Madeleine would then marry Pierre Lavergne Renaud following Jean-Baptiste's death.
  4. Following Madeleine's death in 1690, Thomas Rousseau married (m. Sept 4, 1691, Registre de la paroisse Saint-Pierre, de de Île d'Orléans, July 4, 1691) Françoise-Charlotte Bélanger (b. June 30, 1650, Notre-Dame-de- Québec) (d. Oct 3, 1710).
    The couple would have 1 child:
    1. Guillaume (b. June 9, 1694 Saint-Pierre, de de Île d'Orléans,) (d. July 22, 1715). Guillaume would not marry.
  1. Jean-Baptiste Rousseau born July 22, 1686 in Saint-Laurent,de de Île d'Orléans, Québec, Canada. He was the son of Thomas Rousseau and Madeleine Ollivier.
  2. Marie-Madeleine Destroismaisons dit Picard was born June 19, 1711 in Montmagny, Québec, Canada. She was the daughter of Charles Destroismaisons dit Picard and Marie-Madeleine Blanchet. She died Mar 25, 1771.
  3. Jean-Baptiste married his second wife, Marie-Madeleine Destroismaisons dit Picard on November 17, 1737 at Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny, Québec, Canada.
    Children of the couple included;
    1. Charles (b. approx 1738) (d. Oct 13, 1750),
    2. Michel (b. Mar 24, 1740 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Feb 24, 1815 Saint Henri) would marry (m. Jan 9, 1758 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) Marie-Geneviève Morin (b. approx 1737) (d. Aug 25, 1777).
      Following Marie-Geneviève's death, Michel would marry (m. Oct 19, 1807) Marie-Claire Jalbert Fontaine (b. Aug 13, 1756) (d. July 19, 1832). Following Michel's death, Marie-Claire would have 2 further husbands; Jean Rouleau Sansoucy and Charles Parent,
    3. Joseph-Marie (b. Mar 9, 1742 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Nov 18, 1750 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud),
    4. Marie-Reine (b. Jan 28, 1744 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Mar 16, 1799) who would marry (m. Sept 29, 1766) Louis Pinon Lasanté (b. Sept 30, 1742) (d. Apr 15, 1788). The couple would have 9 children.
    5. Marie-Angélique (b. May 2, 1746 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Nov 14, 1750 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud),
    6. Julien (b. July 6, 1749 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Nov 5, 1749 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d.)
    7. Marie-Geneviève, (b. Sept 28, 1751 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Jan 1, 1802 Saint- Henri) who would marry (m. June 11, 1760 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) Pierre Daniault Laprise (b. Sept 19, 1744) (d. Dec 4, 1821) son of (François Daniault Laprise & Marie Rousseau)
    8. and Joseph-Marie (b. Jan 31, 1754) (d. Mar 4, 1824 Saint-Henri) who woud marry (m. Aug 8, 1785 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) Marie-Françoise Fontaine (b. Sept 27, 1765 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. Mar 3, 1839 Saint-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-de-Lévy).
    (As an aside, in addition, Jean-Baptiste fathered 7 children, 3 boys (Augustin, Jean-Baptiste, Antoine) and 3 girls and one child which died at childbirth, with his first wife Marie-Catherine Rouleau.)
  1. Michel Rousseau was born March 24, 1740. He was the son of Jean-Baptiste Rousseau and Marie-Madeleine Destroismaisons dit Picard. He died on Feb 24, 1815 in Saint Henri.
  2. Marie-Geneviève Morin was born approx 1737 and was the daughter of Denis Morin and Marie-Madeleine Boulet. She died Aug 25, 1777.
  3. Michel and Genevieve were married January 9, 1758 in Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec, Canada and had several children including
    1. Marie-Madeleine (b. Nov 6, 1758 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. July 7, 1839 Saint-Henri) who would marry (m. Feb 12, 1776) André Godbout (b. Sept 20, 1741) (d. July 24, 1803) ,
    2. Michel (b. Jan 15, 1760 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. July 5, 1845 Saint-Henri) who would marry (m. Oct 3, 1791 Saint-Henri) Marie-Geneviève Carrier Lebrun (b. Feb 3, 1772 Saint-Henri) (d. after July 5, 1845)
    3. Pierre (b. Mar 12, 1761 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud) (d. May 20, 1821 Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu) who would marry (m. Feb 12, 1789) Marie-Anne Labbé (b. approx March 1766) (d. Oct 17, 1830) Marie-Anne had a previous marriage (m. Aug 26, 1783) to Vincent Gagnon
    4. Marie-Geneviève(b. March 30, 1764, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-de-Lévy ) (d. May 11, 1765 Saint-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-de-Lévy)
    5. Marie-Angélique, (b. March 1, 1766 Saint-Henri) (d. after May 1830) who would marry (m. Aug 20, 1787 Saint-Henri) Louis Ouellette (b. Oct 9, 1742) (d. July 11, 1813). This was Louis' second marriage. When Louis passed away, Marie-Angélique would marry (m. Oct 28, 1816) again to Pierre Thibodeau (b. 1744). This was Pierre's second marriage as well.
    6. Marie-Josèphe (b. July 4, 1767 Saint-Henri) (d. unknown date)
    7. Antoine (b. Mar 2, 1769 Saint-Henri) (d. unknown date)
    8. Jean-Baptiste (b. June 4, 1771 Saint-Henri) (d. Dec 26, 1772 Saint-Henri)
    9. Marie-Reine (b. Jan 31, 1773 Saint-Henri) (d. Oct 7, 1830 Saint-Henri) who would marry (m. Oct 28, 1794 Saint-Henri) François Gagné (b. Nov 17, 1765) (d. after Oct 7, 1830)
    10. Marie-Marguerite (twin to Geneviève) (b. Sept 28, 1774 Saint-Henri) (d. unknown date)
    11. Geneviève (twin to Marie-Marguerite) (b. Sept 28, 1774 Saint-Henri) (d. unknown date)
    12. Joseph (b. July 31, 1777 Saint-Henri) (d. Aug 25, 1777 Saint-Henri)
    13. Marie-Louise (b. approx 1780) (d. unknown date) would marry (m. Oct 26, 1801) Jean Fournier (b. Mar 30, 1776 Mascouche)
  1. Michel Rousseau was the son of (father) Michel Rousseau and Marie-Geneviève Morin and was born Jan 15, 1760 at Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud. He passed away on July 5, 1845 at Saint-Henri.
  2. Marie–Geneviève Carrier Lebrun was born in Saint-Henri, Québec, Canada on Feb 3, 1772. She was the daughter of Charles Carrier Lebrun and Agathe Pichet. Marie–Geneviève died after July 5, 1845.
  3. Michel Rousseau and Marie–Genevieve Carrier Lebrun were married October 03, 1791 in St–Henri de Levis, Lauzon, Québec, Canada and they had several children including:
    1. Michel (b. April 16, 1792 Saint-Henri) (d. Feb 22, 1878 Saint-Isidore) who would marry (m. Feb 3, 1812 Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse) Marie-Anne Brochu (b. Sept 1, 1790 Saint-Gervais) (d. Mar 30, 1880 Saint-Isidore, La Nouvelle-Beauce) who was the daughter of Joseph Brochu and Marie-Anne Poliquain
    2. Jean-Baptiste (b. May 8, 1793 Saint-Henri) (d. July 29, 1850 Lambton) who would marry (m. Jan 24, 1815) Thérèse Bélanger (b. Feb 2, 1790 Saint-Vallier) (d. June 6, 1866 Sainte-Famille, de l�île d�Orléans)
    3. Marie-Geneviève (b. Sept 9, 1794 Saint-Henri) (d. unknown date) who would marry (m. Aug 27, 1822) Louis-René Roy (b. May 4, 1777) (d. unknown date). This was Louis-René's second marriage.
    4. Pierre (b. Jan 15, 1796 Saint-Henri) (d. April 25, 1883 Lambton) who would marry (m. Oct 1, 1822) Marie-Charlotte Brochu (b. Nov 4, 1806) (d. Dec 1, 1847 Lambton). Family appeared in the 1871 Canada Census. Pierre Rousseau WEB LINK from 1871 Canada Census of Quebec At least 4 children: Luce (b. approx 1833), Philoméne (b. approx 1842), F. Xavier (b. approx 1847) and Pierre (b. approx 1838)
    5. Marie-Marguerite (b. July 7, 1797 Saint-Henri) (d. Sept 11, 1871 Saint-Henri) who would marry (m. Aug 29, 1848 Notre-Dame-de-Québec) Joseph Genest Labarre (b. Mar 6, 1789) (d. after July 11, 1871). This was Joseph's second marriage.
    6. Ignace (b. Dec 18, 1798 Saint-Henri) (d. Dec 27, 1802 Saint-Henri).
    7. Joseph (b. Jan 16, 1800 Saint-Henri ) (d. Sept 21, 1847) who would marry (m. July 3, 1821 Notre-Dame-de-Québec) Marie- Angélique Richard (b. Jan 4, 1790) (d. Sept 21, 1847).
    8. Marie-Louise (b. July 28, 1801 Saint-Henri) (d. Dec 27, 1802 Saint-Henri)
    9. Louis (b. Jan 24, 1803 Saint-Henri) (d. Jan 13, 1852) who would marry (m. Apr 12, 1825) Catherine Filteau Fecteau (b. Aug 16, 1807) (d. July 5, 1834 Saint-Isidore). They would have a son Hubert Rousseau (b. approx 1837) who would marry Philoméme Gagné in 1852. (Note LAE Rousseau would later marry Mary Virginia Gagne. ) Hubert Rousseau Family WEB LINK for 1871 Canada Census of Quebec with children André and Octave.
    10. François-Germain (b. Mar 22, 1804 Saint-Henri) (d. date unknown)
    11. Hubert Jenis (b. Dec 5, 1805 Saint-Henri) (d. June 16, 1880 Lambton) who would marry (m. Feb 16, 1830 Saint-Henri) Olive Lemieux (b. Sept 26, 1809 Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse) (d. July 31, 1888 Lambton).
      The family appeared in the 1851 Canada Census Living in Province/Colony: Canada East (Québec); District Name: Dorchester (county); District Number: 7; Sub-District Name: St. Henri de Lauzon; Sub-district Number: 84; (page 69) with children: Hubert (age 18), Ed Clovis (age 16), Olive (age 14), Lucil (age 11), Joseph Honoré (age 9), Marie Virginie (age 7), Marie Demonise (age 2). As well, Hubert's mother Geneviève Rousseau (age 81) was on the farm.
      The 1871 Canada Census Hubert Rousseau WEB LINK for 1871 Canada Census of Quebec The 2 children also present were: Honoré (b. approx 1844) and Joseph (b. approx 1854)
      ( This is the first known use of the first name HUBERT by the Thomas Rousseau family line in North America. Although the Canada Census for the Beauce West had two other Hubert Rousseaus -- although they were approximately 30 years younger than Hubert Janis.) -- see entry ix for brother Louis above.
    12. Marie-Théotiste (b. Apr 7, 1807 Saint-Henri) (d. date unknown)
    13. Rosalie (b. Mar 21, 1808 Saint-Henri) (d. July 20, 1843 Saint-Anselme) who would marry (m. July 26, 1831) Michel Gourdet Longchamps (b. Nov 29, 1800) (d. Mar 23, 1853)
    14. Félicité (b. May 3, 1809 Saint-Henri) (d. May 16, 1838 Saint-Isidore, La Nouvelle-Beauce) who would marry (m. Aug 11, 1829) Pierre Gourdet Longchamps (b. Mar 26, 1807) (d. Apr 18, 1870). Following Félicité's passing Pierre would marry Marie- Marcelline Adams in 1842.
    15. Françoise (b. Feb 17, 1811 Saint-Henri) (d. Dec 18, 1812)
    16. Antoine (b. Apr 15, 1813 Saint-Henri) (d. Apr 17, 1889 Lambton) who would marry (m. Feb 20, 1838 Saint-Étienne-de-Beaumont) to Adélaïde Roy (b. Feb 26, 1819) (d. Sept 23, 1902 in Beauce District of Quebec Sub-District: Lambton & St-Vital-de-Lambton). Family can be found in Antoine Rousseau WEB LINK for 1881 Canada Census of Quebec with the daughters:
      1. Cesanie (b. 1852)
      2. Marie (b. 1856)
      3. Celina (b. 1858)
      4. Anaise (b. 1860)
  1. (Louis Rousseau’s father) Michel Rousseau was born April 16, 1792 at Saint-Henri and was the son of Michel Rousseau and Marie–Geneviève Carrier Lebrun.
  2. Marie-Anne Brochu was born Sept 1, 1790 in Saint-Gervais She was the daughter of Joseph Brochu and Marie-Anne Poliquain. She died Mar 30, 1880 at Saint-Isidore, La Nouvelle-Beauce.
  3. Michel married Marie-Anne February 03, 1812 at Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada and their children included:
    1. Marianne (b. Dec 26, 1812 Saint-Henri) (d. date unknown)
    2. Théotiste (b. Dec 27, 1813 Saint-Henri) (d. approx July 1861) would marry (m. Nov 25, 1883 Saint-Henri) Thomas Dion (b. May 23, 1807 Sainte-Marie) (d. Aug 1867).
    3. Michel (b. Feb 14, 1815 Saint-Henri) (d. Jan 7, 1889) who would marry (m. Feb 25, 1840 Saint-Isidore) to Marie-Marguerite Goulet (b. Nov 24, 1820 ) (d. Jan 1889).
      The family would appear in the Canada 1851 Census living in District Name: Dorchester (county); District Number: 7; Sub-District Name: St. Isidore; Sub-district Number: 86; Province/Colony: Canada East (Québec) (page 39).
    4. Marie-Anastasie (b. May 2, 1816 Saint-Henri) (d. date unknown) who would marry (m. Sept 1, 1835 Saint-Isidore) Thomas Grégoire (b. Dec 18, 1811 Sainte-Marie) son of François Grégoire and Marie-Charlotte Boisonneault Saint-Onge. (d. date unknown)
    5. Marguerite (b. circa 1817) (d. Sept 8, 1868) who would marry (m. May 15, 1838) Isidore Hélie Breton (b. 1816 -1817) (d. Feb 1872)
    6. Édouard (b. May 7, 1818 Saint-Henri) (d. May 24, 1820 Saint-Henri).
    7. Marie-Marguerite (b. Feb 1, 1819 Saint-Henri) (d. June 5, 1821 Saint-Henri).
    8. Marie-Anne (b. Dec 27, 1819) (d. Jan 4, 1820 Saint-Henri).
    9. Pierre (b. Oct 31, 1820 Saint-Henri) (d. date unknown).
    10. Marie-Claire (b. Mar 3, 1822 Saint-Henri) (d. Aug 25, 1883 Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon) who would marry (m. Feb 25, 1840) Olivier Goulet (b. Oct 18, 1815) (d. Dec 26, 1891). After Marie-Claire passed away, Olivier would marry Marcelline Gagné Bellavance Sept 1885.
    11. Élisabeth (b. Mar 30, 1823 Sainte-Marie) (d. date unknown) who would marry (m. July 13, 1841) François-Xavier Nadeau (b. Oct 22, 1818) (d. date unknown).
    12. Louis (b. Sept 24, 1824 Saint-Henri) (d. Feb. 1892 Grand Forks N.D.) who would marry (m. Aug 18, 1848 Saint-Isidore) Luce Huard (b. Aug 8, 1828 Saint-Henri) daugther of Augustin Huard and Luce Hélie Breton. Luce died on April 10, 1901 in St John, Rolette, ND.
    13. Marie-Hermine (b. May 12, 1826 Sainte-Marie) (d. April 1881) who would marry (m. July 28, 1846 Saint-Isidore) to Marcel Vachon (b. May 16, 1829) (d. Feb 16, 1866 Saint-Sylvestre).
    14. Jérôme (b. Oct 18, 1827 Saint-Henri) (d. June 1903) who would marry (m. Jan 25, 1853 Saint-Isidore) to Marie-Georgiana Marceau (b. 1832) (d. June 1903).
      Jérôme and wife Georgiana can be found in the Canada 1871 and 1881 censuses.
    15. Esther-Vitaline (b. Jan 29, 1829 Saint-Henri) (d. Mar 15, 1829 Saint-Henri).
    16. Laurent (b. Feb 6, 1830 Saint-Henri) (d. Aug 21, 1830 Saint-Henri).
    17. Narcisse-Camille (b. July 19, 1831 Saint-Henri) (d. Aug 1, 1831 Saint-Henri).
    18. Marie-Olympe (b. Jan 17, 1833 Saint-Henri) (d. July 31, 1833 Saint-Henri).
  4. It would seem that in their old age, circa 1871, Michel (age 80) and wife Marie-Anne (age 82) lived right next door to son Jérôme and Jérôme's family in (159) Dorchester (West - Ouest) (b-1) St. Isidore, Québec. Neither Michel nor wife Marie-Anne could be found in the Canada 1881 Census so it is presumed that they both passed away between 1871 and 1881.
  1. Louis Rousseau Brooks was born September 24, 1824 in St Henri De Lauzon, Levis,Québec, Canada and was the son of Michel Rousseau and Marie-Anne Brochu.
    Louis' Godparents were: Louis Samson and Genevieve Vallé.
    Louis passed away February 1892 in Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  2. (Marie) Luce Huard was born on 09 Aug 1828 in St Henri De Lauzon, Levis, Québec, Canada. She was the daughter of Augustin HUARD and Luce Hélie dit Breton. Luce had 6 other brothers and sisters. (For more on the immediate HUARD family genealogy see Section A2.2).
    Luce died on April 10, 1901 in St John, Rolette, N.D.
  3. Louis married Luce in St-Isidore, Dorchester, Québec on August 18, 1846
  4. Louis and Lucie Rousseau and there 2 eldest children Louis Albert and Euphrémie appeared in the Canada 1851 Census living in District Name: Dorchester (county); District Number: 7;Sub-District Name: St. Elzéar; Sub-district Number: 92 (page 91).
    Luce Rousseau was the first to come to the USA crossing the border at Detroit Michigan on April 1876.       She would stay with relatives in Grand Forks County, Dakota Territory.       Husband Louis Rousseau would follow almost a year later, April 1877, crossing the border at Duluth Minnesota.       The Rousseaus would change their name to Brooks while in Grand Forks.      Louis made the 1st filing, the Declaration of Intention, to become a US citizen on May 6, 1878 while living in Grand Forks County. After waiting the mandatory 5 years, Louis made the 2nd filing, the Final Petition of Citizenship, on Nov 1, 1883.       The Louis Brooks family would appear in the 1880 US Census showing that they lived in Allendale Township of Grand Forks County, Dakota Territory and Lous had an occupation as a farmer.       The family would also appear in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census.       Louis is said to have died in February of 1892 in Grand Forks County, N.D. No official record of his death or burial location has been found to date.      Immediately following Louis death, wife Luce went to stay with daughter Flora in St. John N.D. Flora was married to Freddy Plante. Luce would settle her affairs in Grand Forks and move in "full time" with Flora and Freddy Plante by Aug 25, 1892.      Son Hubert would also eventually reside in St. John as would daughter Clara who would be married to Eugene Turcotte.       Son L.A. Brooks would reside in Larimore N.D. a few miles south east of St. John whereas first son LAE Brooks would end up in St. Boniface Manitoba - a few hours north east by train.      Luce would stay in St. John until her death on April 10, 1901 aged 72 years and six months. She was buried in St. John The Baptist Cemetary immediately adjacent to the Catholic Church. When the Cemetary was moved several miles down the road some 40 years later Luce's (along with many others) grave and tombstone was "lost" and allegedly merged into one mass grave.
  5. Louis and Luce Rousseau had the following children
    (Note child ‘x’; HUBERT ROUSSEAU BROOKS):

    1. 1891 Canada Census for LAE Rousseau Family
      Provencher District, Sub-District: Ville de St. Boniface, Manitoba
      Header for 1891 Canada Census
      LAE Rousseau Family in Canada 1891 Census
      Photo of LAE and Virginie Rousseau
      1911 Census of Canadaabout Virginie Rousseau
      NameVirginie Rousseau
      Marital Status: Married
      Birth DateFeb 1849
      Spouse's Name:L A E Rousseau
      DistrictMacDonald (page 19)
      District Number18
      Sub-District Number2
      Place of Habitation:Lot 15, ?Blk 1?, St Anne Street
      Household Members: 
      Name:Age / Birth Month-Yr
      L D C (should be LAE) Rousseau63 / Oct 1847
      Virginie Rousseau62 / Feb 1849
      Angeline Rousseau26 / Nov 1884
      Anna Rousseau (teacher)18 / July 1892
      Albert Rousseau (priest)35 / Oct 1875
      Daughter: Albertine Girardin37 / Jan 1874
      Grand-Daughter: Gabrielle Girardin17 / Sept 1893

      Louis Albert Ephrem (aka "L.A.E.") (aka "Ephrem") Rousseau was born 31-Oct-1847 in Saint Isidore, Dorchester, PQ, Canada where he was also baptised. Godparents were: Michel Rousseau and Marie Anne Brochu.
      Ephrem married Mary Virginie Gagne (b. 11- Feb-1849) on 13 Jan 1873 in St Claire, Québec, Canada.

      Family moved from St. Claire Quebec to the USA, crossing the border at Moose River, Maine December of 1876 and settling in Rye Beach N.H. at least until late 1878.       LAE, then LAE Brooks, took the first step in applying for US citizenship in Grand Forks, N.D. March 21, 1879.       The family appeared in the 1880 US Census living in Allendale Township, Grand Forks County.      Families land in Allendale Township was close to father Louis, and sister Clara and her husband Eugene Turcotte.       In 1885 the family moved back to Canada ending up in Manitoba.
      Family appeared in the 1891, 1901, 1906 and 1911 Canada Census in Provencher District, St. Boniface Sub-District of Manitoba.       When LAE moved back to Canada (St. Boniface Manitoba and then the rural municipality of Lorne) he reverted the name from Brooks back to Rousseau and Lewis to Ephrem.
      According to The Province of Manitoba Vital Statistics Genealogy Searches for Unrestricted Records web site (Enter Rousseau and Lorne), LOUIS ALBERT EPHREM ROUSSEAU died at the age of 72 on July 18, 1920 in Lorne, Manitoba (Registration Number: 1920,039123).
      The same web site, has L.A.E.'s wife VIRGINIE ROUSSEAU dying at the age of 77 on January 29, 1927 in Lorne, Manitoba. (Registration Number: 1927,005119).

      See SECTION 5 for more information on L.A. Ephrem Rousseau family.

      The couple were to have 10 children, however 4 died at a very early age

      1. Daughter Marie Josephine Albertine Rousseau (b. abt. Jan 2, 1874). Baptized in St-Nicolas, Québec. Albertine would marry (Manitoba Registration Number: 1891,002056) on June 15, 1891 at S. Norfolk (St. Alphonse), Manitoba to Olivier Girardin (b. January 22, 1861) and have several children in Bruxelles and St Boniface;
        1. Maria on May 19, 1892; Bruxelles
        2. Gabrielle on Sept 5, 1893; Bruxelles
        3. Louise April 10, 1895; Bruxelles
        4. Bertha on July 1896; Bruxelles
        5. Antoinette on Feb 22, 1898; Bruxelles
        6. twin: Albert on Aug 25, 1899 ; St. Boniface
        7. twin: Josephine on Aug 25, 1899 ; St. Boniface
        However by 1900 Albertine and Olivier would loose 6 of their 7 children to influenza, diphtheria and scarlet fever epidemics. Daughter Gabrielle was the only child spared.
        The physical and mental suffering resulting from the tragic loss of 6 of their 7 children pushed their mrriage to the breaking point and the couple separated - however seeing each other from time to time.
        Marie Josephine Albertine Girardin would die in Lorne, Manitoba at the age of 48 on Oct 24, 1922. (Manitoba Registration Number: 1922,038370)
        Olivier Giradin died in St Boniface at the age of 72 on Jan 29, 1931. (Manitoba Registration Number: 1931,014054).      Both Albertine and Olivier are buried in Maripolis cemetery.

        Photo of Paster Albert Rousseau Daughter Gabrielle, when only five, was placed in St. Joseph Academy in St. Boniface. Records showed Gabrielle (aged 12) as a "boarder" in the July 1906 Canada Census (scroll to the right, line 36) in what appears as a convent in Ste Rose du Lac, Manitoba (along with Anna Rousseau and others).
        The 1911 Census of Canada table extract at right showed her living in the house of LAE and Virginie Rousseau.
        She enetered the order of les Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jesus et de Marie in 1913. and was called Sister Gabriel Archange. After a lengthy illness, Sister Gabriel Archange died on Sept 15, 1990 and is buried in St. Boniface cemetery.

      2. Son Mary Joseph Albert Rousseau (aka Joseph Albert Ephrem Rousseau) who was born in Saint Claire Québec on 30-October 1875 and was ordained as a priest in St. Boniface Manitoba on 22-October-1899. He was pastor of Mariapolis, Manitoba from 1907 until his death in 1929. He died on March 3, 1929 in St Boniface, Manitoba at the age of 53 (Registration Number: 1929,014038). He is buried in Our Lady of Assumption cemetery in Mariapolis, Manitoba. (see further information on Albert at the bottom of this web page)

      3. Son Louis Achille Rousseau (b.March 3, 1877 in Rye Beach, New Hampshire) (see SECTION 5.2.3) Perhaps confusingly, Canadian Immigration records indicate Achille immigrated to Canada in 1899. (his father arrived in 1885) The Rev. Achille Rousseau was ordained to the Jesuits, June 28, 1916. Achille (age 33, b. Mar 1878, occupation: priest) appeared in the Canada 1911 Census as a Jesuit Father heading a household of 30 people. He was located in the electoral district of Provencher, District Number 21, Sub-District: St. Boniface, Sub-District Number 45. He died April 1, 1969, 91 years of age. Remarkably, he never visited his brother or his parents in Mariapolis, Man. See separate biography on Achille at bottom of this web page.

      4. Son Arthur Brooks (b.~ 1879 in Dakota Territory) was in the 1880 US Federal Census for Allendale Township of Grand Forks County, N.D.. By the 1891 Canada Census for St. Boniface, Arthur no longer listed - so most likely died early 1880s.

      5. Daughter Mary Josephine Angeline (b. Nov 2, 1884) and was baptised at St Michael's Catholic Church, Grand Forks, N.D. (see below) (Don't however understand the Canada 1891 Census data on her age.) Mary Josephine ANGELINE Baptism Certificate
        Angeline would marry Arthur Poirier (son of Fabien Poirer and Elise Dumontier) on May 24, 1921 in the Rural Municipality of Lorne, Manitoba (REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1921,034664)
      6. Daughter Anna Maria Rousseau (b. July 27, 1892) in Manitoba. Anna would marry Joseph Eugene Belcourt on Oct 27, 1920 in Lorne, Manitoba. (Registration Number: 1920,05620). Eugene Joseph Belcourt (b. Nov 16, 1894) (d. 1955) was the son of Joseph Wilbroad Belcourt and Rosaline Marie Demars (nee ROUSSEAU) (see section Vii below on Marie Georgiana Rousseau). Eugene Joseph enlisted for WW I.       According to the Social Security Death Index, Anna would die April 1967 while living at 58318 Bottineau, Bottineau, North Dakota.
        The 1925 North Dakota State Census had Eugene and Anna living with Eugene's father and mother and their still-at-home children in North Dakota.
        The 1930 US Census would indicate that the couple had immigrated to the US in 1920 and that they were living in Richburg, Bottineau, North Dakota.
        Anna (age 47) and Eugene (age 45) Belcourt would turn up in the 1940 US Census living in Sergius, Bottineau, North Dakota the same house that they'd lived in during 1935. Anna had become a naturalized US citizen.      
        The 1940 Census indicated that Anna, had completed 8th grade of elementary school, and had had 10 children 6 of whom appeared in the 1940 Census.      
        The known children are as follows:
        1. Luna Belcourt (b. abt 1918)
        2. Guyman Belcourt (b. abt 1922)
        3. Ephrem J. Belcourt (b. abt 1922)
        4. Arthur J. Belcourt (b. abt 1926)
        5. Bertha Belcourt (b. abt 1927) (did not appear in 1940 Census whereas other children did)
        6. Albert J. Belcourt (b. abt 1928)
        7. Lawrence Belcourt (b. abt 1930)
        8. Loretta M. Belcourt (b. abt 1931)
        9. Alfred J. Belcourt (b. abt 1933)
    2. Marie Euphrémie Rousseau was born on 18 Feb 1849 in Saint Isidore, Dorchester, PQ, Canada.
      Godparents were: Augustin Huard and Marguerite Rousseau.
      Euphrémie Rousseau married Damase Thivierge (b. abt. 1843) on 24 Jul 1866 in St. Sylvestre, Lotbiniere, Québec, Canada.
      The couple appeared in the 1871 Canada Census living in the District of Beauce East, District Number: 158, Sub-District Name: St-Elzéar with Damase listed as a farmer.
      Euphrémie died about 20 Oct 1873 in St Elzear, Beauce, Québec, Canada at the age of 24 without children. (Damase then appeared in 1881 Canada Census with new wife Eugenie and 2 young daughters - still living in Beauce East.)

    3. Joseph Paul Rousseau was born May 7, 1851 in St Elzéar, Beauce, Québec, Canada.
      Godparents were: Paul Vachon and Sophie Lehous
      He died on 27- March 1852 in St Elzéar, Beauce, Québec, Canada.

      Joseph�Thomas Odelie Rousseau Baptism Certificate
      Aug 8, 1852 St-Elzéar-de-Linière, Québec
      Source: Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
      Joseph�Thomas Odelie Rousseau Baptism Certificate


    4. Joseph–Thomas Odelie Rousseau was born on August 7, 1852 in Saint Isidore, PQ, Canada.
      His Godparents were: Thomas Hupé and Francoise Labrecque
      He married Hermine (Emma) Gendron (b. abt 1847) (daughter of Jacques Gendron, merchant, of St. Rosalie) 02 May 1875 probably in Ste. Hyacinthe Quebec (The Ward Family Tree says married in St. Rosalie, Que).
      Joseph and family appeared in the 1891 Canada Census conducted on April 5, 1891 living in St Hyacinthe; District Number: 184; Sub-District Name: St Hyacinthe City, Quebec with Thomas (age 38), Hermine (age 34), Adelard (age 14); Mastai (age 12), Fabuis (age 7); and Fatuis (age 6), Maria (undecipherable middle name) (age 4)
      Joseph Thomas and family immigrated to the US in 1892.
      Joseph–Thomas Odelie Rousseau became an artist and decorator of churches of historical note in XXth century (see below near bottom of web page).
      According to the Rhode Island, Deaths, 1630-1930, Joseph T. Rousseau, son of Louis and Luce Rousseau, died July 31, 1916 at Providence, R.I. (where one of his children lived).
      The couple were to have five children together.

      1. Francois-Adelard Rousseau. (b. 26-Feb-1877)
      2. Joseph Mastai (Martin) Rousseau was (b. ~ 1879/1880)
      3. Fatuis Rousseau (b. abt 1887 in Quebec) who in 1910 was single.
      4. Fabius Jean Rousseau (b. 25 June 1883) in Quebec) (The U.S. World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918 Record had Fabius enlisting in WW I at Providence, Rhode Island.) In 1930 the US Census had Fabius, single, living as a lodger in Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
      5. Maria Rousseau (b. abt 1890 in Quebec) who in 1910 was single.
      1910 US Census
      Joseph T Rousseau Family Living in Providence Ward 7, Providence, Rhode Island
      Profession: Joseph as Decorator; Fatuis as Draftsman/Architect; Fabius as Decorator; Maria as Dept Store Clerk
      Joseph�Thomas Rousseau And Family in 1910 Us Census
    5. Obituary for Mrs. Charles Bryant
      (Hattie Pense Brooks)
      Grand Forks Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Volume: 22; Issue: 198; Page: 6; Date: Tuesday, June 16, 1903
      Obit2 for Hattie (Brooks) Bryant Obit for Hattie (Brooks) Bryant
      Marriage Announcement for Emma Brooks
      Grand Forks Herald (Grand Forks, ND); Volume: 18;Issue: 11;Page: 3; Date: Saturday, November 12, 1898
      Emma Brooks Wedding Announcement

      Louis Achille (aka "L.A.") Rousseau Brooks was born about Jan 1855 in St Elzéar, Beauce, Québec, Canada.
      Godparents were: Louis Ferland and Angèle Nadeau.
      According to the Washington State Death Records, Louis Achille died 15 Jan 1938 at the age of 83 in Four Lakes, Spokane, Washington (Washington State ref number: ADF5BD1F-9659-4D24-8DE3-D1DB75C81F47) .

      Achille would marry (m. abt 1896) in Grand Forks, Grand Forks, North Dakota Harriet (aka "Hattie") Elizabeth Prongua (Prongua name source: Property records - see Section A. At the time of the marriage Achille was 41 years of age and Hattie (b. abt 1847) was 49.      Hattie E was born in Vermont abt 1847 as Harriet Elizabeth (aka "Hattie E.") Wheeler daughter to Ephram Wheeler. (It should be noted that Hattie E.'s birth year is somewhat "fluid". In the 1875 State Census it was 1850; in the 1880 Census it was 1842, in the 1900 Census it was Feb 1852, in the 1910 Census it was 1854, in the 1920 Census it was 1848, in the 1930 Census it was 1847, and the Washington State Death Records had it was 1847.)      
      Hattie Elizabeth Brooks died at the age of 84 on 15 Sep 1931 in Four Lakes, Spokane, Washington (Washington State ref number: 057CB5B2-A5CB-4025-8B7E-72938BA25531).
      Hattie E.Wheeler first married C.H. Prongua (abt. 1871).       The 1875 Minnesota, Territorial and State Census had Hattie E. living in Vermont (County:Le Sueur; Locality:Ottawa).       By the 1880 US Census Hattie E. was listed as widowed and thus husband Charles A. had died sometime between 1877 (birth year of last child) and 1880.
      In the 1880 US Census, Hattie E. Pronqua's 3 children, (only 2 of which would subsequently survive) were:

      1. Daughter Hattie Prongua was born (b. May 16, 1875 at Mankato, Minn) (although 1880 US Census says b. 1872 - see news article at right for exact date). In 1895 Hattie married Charles Bryant (a popular Great Northern Railway Conductor) (see news article at right). In the 1900 US Census Hattie was listed as Hatti Pense, 26 years old, living with father LA and mother Hattie E. - also in the household at the time in 1900 was Hatti's husband Charles M. Bryant aged 29 (b. Nov 1870). Do not know why Hatti was listed as Hatti Pense -- was this as a result of a previous marriage - prior to 1895? The marriage to Charles M. Bryant would last for 8 years, no children.
        Daughter Hattie was known in Grand Forks for her beautiful soprano voice.
        Daughter Hattie died Saturday June 13, 1903 in Cass Lake N.D. and was burried Sunday June 14, 1903 Larimore N.D. (see news article at right)
      2. Charles Prongua (b. abt 1876) in Minnestota. Present in 1880 US Census. Died sometime between 1880 and 1900.
      3. Daughter Emma E. Prongua (b. Dec 1877 Minnesota) (m. Thursday Nov. 10, 1898) to Royston E. Carson (b. Jun 27, 1876 Peoria, Illinois son of Col. Jefferson and Mary B. Carson) (d. ???). Per the 1900 US Census, the couple lived in Linden, Cavalier, North Dakota and had a son Royston M. who was born Apr 12, 1900. It is not known what happened to the marriage, but it is known that Royston enlisted for WW I and in 1940 a Royston Carson (b. abt 1877) was living in St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota married to Hannah Carson age 57.
        In the 1910 US Census Emma E. turns up married to Charles Richard Fadden (b. 24 Oct 1883 in North Dakota) son of Richmond and Mary Ellen Fadden. The marriage occurred on Dec. 22, 1909 and was held at Sandpoint, Bonner, Idaho. (Marriage Record can be found in the marriage book at the County Courthouse located in Bonner Co., ID in Volume 1 on Page 349). It is known that Charles enlisted at Spokane for WW I. He does not turn up in Washington State Death Records.
        According to the Washington State Death Records, Emma E. Brooks died 27 Jan 1939 at the age of 63 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington. (Washington State ref number: 6553455B-A506-4887-983F-4753A82A6A6B)

      L.A. Rousseau first entered the USA in April of 1871 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire (apparantly travelling by boat from Quebec (City)). It is suspected, but not confirmed as of yet, that he settled in the Portsmouth area for some period of time. (Older brother LAE Rousseau was to later follow in December of 1876 settling in Rye Beach N.H. at least until late 1878 so perhaps LA had also first settled near Rye Beach.)       However on Oct. 9, 1878 L.A. Brooks (by then had changed his name from Rousseau) applied for the 1st filing for US citizenship, the Declaration of Intention, in Grand Forks Dakota Territory. LA made his 2nd filing, the Final Petition of Citizenship, on Dec 2, 1890.       For whatever reasons, LA Brooks name can not be found in either the 1880 US Census nor the 1885 Dakota Territory Census.      LA does appear in the 1900 US Census, along with his wife and her daughter from his wife's first marriage.      In moving to Grand Forks County, it is thought that LA always resided in Larimore, a town about 28 miles north west of Grand Forks.      The first real estate transaction discovered had LA selling to his future wife a tract of land in Larimore on Nov 25, 1881.      L.A. Brooks would become quite successful in Larimore, becoming President of the Larimore (Meat) Packing Company (which was incorporated in July of 1897), aso employing his future son-in-law Royston E, Carson. The building was to burn to the ground in 1899 and LA erected a new 2 story building that catered to a variety of retail establishments.      In Larimore, there were locations entitled "Brooks Block" and "Brooks Building".      LA and family owned a farm just on the outskirts of Larimore town proper.       It seems that LA was a co-author on a patent concerning self lubricating and dust proof bearing for plow coulter and other shafts.      In 1907 several newspaper articles discussed that LA had been offerd a job as an agent to manage farm land in CUBA on behalf of a big land company located in Valley City N.D.. It is thought, but not yet confirmed, that he accepted this offer as LA drops off the radar after these articles until 1928 when there was another real estate transaction involving LA and his then wife Hattie.       LA Brooks appeared in 1910 US Census living in Meadow Lake, Spokane, Washington. He also appeared in the 1920 US Census living in Spokane, Spokane, Washington and in 1930 at ending up in 1930 at Four Lakes, Spokane, Washington. For these last 3 cases his wife Hattie E. and Emma E. Brooks were with him.     
      See Section 4.4.4 for the very succesful life of L.A. Brooks in Larimore N.D. Talk of L.A. moving to CUBA to manage a farm.
      Louis Achille Brooks died 15 Jan 1938 at the age of 83 in Four Lakes, Spokane, Washington. State authorities claim, according to their records, that LA Brooks was creamated.

    6. Pierre Theodore Rousseau was born on 01 Apr 1856 in St Elzéar, Beauce, Québec, Canada.
      His Godparents were: Paul Blais and Sophie Remcourt.
      He went by the name of Theodore.
      He died in Oakland California by drowning.

    7. Casimire DeMars and wife Marie Georgiana Rousseau in 1885 Dakota Census

      Marie Georgianna Rousseau was born on 16 Jun 1857 in St Elzéar, Beauce, Québec, Canada.
      She died Mar. 21, 1929 in West Hope, Bottineau, ND at the age of 71.
      She married (m. Mar. 3, 1875 at Newburyport, Essex, MA) at the age of 17 to Casimire (aka Casmeer) (aka "Cash") Demers (b. 1843 St. Elzear-de-Beauce, Qc.) (d. 1928).

      (NOTE: Although the various US Census documents spells the family name as DeMars, Casimire spelt the family name as Demers at the marriage of Eugene Belcourt to Anna Rousseau - see Section 5.2.6, whereas wife Georgianna spelt the family last name as Demerse at the funeral of her brother LAE Rousseau - see SECTION 5.3.0.)

      The couple lived in Grand Harbor, Ramsey, North Dakota in 1900. In 1920, according to the US Census) Georgiana and husband Cash livied in Fancher, Ramsey, North Dakota with son Louis and his wife Inga.
      The couple had several children:

      1. Louis Joseph Casimire Lawrence Demers (b. Dec. 7. 1876 Ste Germaine, Dorchester, Quebec) (d. ? Devils Lake) (m. abt. 1900 Westhope, Bottineau, North Dakota, USA) wife Inga (b. abt 1881 Norway). 1910 and 1920 US Censuses had them living in Fancher, Ramsey, North Dakota with father Cash and mother Georginia also in the house. Daughter Leah Eva M. (b. abt 1902)
      2. Rosaline (aka "Rosalie") Marie Demers (b. Nov. 1880 North Dakota) (d. 1943). She married Joseph Wilbroad Belcourt (b. abt 1871 in Canada) (d. 1958). Per the 1930 US Census, the couple lived in Richburg, Bottineau, North Dakota and had the following children; Elmer (age 23), Stella (age 18), Mark (age 16), Rudolph (age 14), Louise (age 12), Georgina (age 7).
      3. Lucy Marie Elizabeth Demers (b. Aug. 15, 1883 Grand Harbor, North Dakota) (d. 1950 in Galt, Ontario) marries Louis Turcotte (son of Marie Clara Rousseau) on May 26, 1901 at St. John The Baptist, St. John N.D. -- see below). Home in 1900 prior to marriage, Grand Harbor, Ramsey, North Dakota. Home in 1916 when married Webb (near Swift Current) SK.
        10 children, 1 who died at birth; Cyrenus (b. 1903), Leo (b. 1904), Arcelia Marie (aka "Arcelie") ( 1906 - 1976), Virgil (b. 1906), Marvil Marie Clare Eugena ( 1908 - 1961), William Wallace (1910 - 1996), Eloard (b. 1912), Honorius Slim (1913- 1998), Waldo (1915 -1915), Mildred Marie (1917- 2000).
      4. Claude Joseph Demers (b. Oct. 1885 North Dakota) (d. 1945). In 1916 lived in Riverside (just outside of Swift Current) SK. Had married wife Iva (b. abt 1890) and the couple in 1916 had the following children; Lawrence (age 7), Ronald (age 6), Georgina (age 5), Laura (age 3). Also living with them was relative Henry Belcourt who was attending school.
      5. Theodore Joseph Demers (b. 1887 North Dakota) (d. 1947). In 1940 Theodore was living in Westhope, Bottineau, North Dakota and was married to wife Marian (b. abt 1903) and couple had daughter Mary Louise aged 5.
      6. Joseph Alfred (aka "Fred") Demers (b. 1891 North Dakota), (d. 1949) In 1930 lived in Antler, Bottineau, North Dakota and was married to wife Marie (b. abt 1899) with children Veron (age 14), Viola (age 13), Veda (age 12), Violet (age 11), Virginia (age 8), Virgil (aged 8 months).
    8. St. John Herald June 11, 1908 News Article
      Marriage of Stella Turcotte to Hugh Reynolds
      St john Herald Marriage of Stella Turcotte to Hugh Reynolds
      Turtle Mountain Star January 24, 1901 News
      Marriage of Georgina Turcotte to John McManus
      NOTE: Father J.A.E. Rousseau of Winnipeg
      COUSIN of the Bride
      Turtle Mountain Star Marriage of Georgina Turcotte to John McManus

      Marie Clara Rousseau was born March 12, 1859 in ST–ELZÉAR,BEAUCE,Québec,CANADA.
      Clara died March 14, 1942 in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

      MARRIAGE TO EUGENE TURCOTTE On 09 Apr 1877 in STE–GERMAINE,DORCHESTER, Québec, Canada (other documentation indicates Lac-Etchemin, Quebec) (other web sources indicates place of marriage Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA) (US Census records show both Eugene and Clara immigrated to the USA in 1876 which would favor Boston, unless they went back to Quebec to marry) (one other point, father Louis Rousseau held off immigrating to USA till April 1877); Clara married (Aloysious) Eugène Turcotte who was (b. January 25, 1855 in Sherbrooke,Québec to Louis Turcotte (1814-1881) and Marcelline LeBreque (b. 1821)) and who (d. 12 Feb 1931 at age of 76 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan).

      (For more on the immediate TURCOTTE family genealogy see Section A2.4)

      Clara and Eugene appeared in the 1880 US Census in Allendale District of Grand Forks County living next to Louis and LAE Brooks amongst other relatives.       By the 1885 North Dakota Census the family was located in 1 mile south of St. John in Rolette County N.D. next to Arthur and Obeline Brooks.       In the 1890s the newspaper the Turtle Mountain Star labelled Eugene Turcotte as one of the best farmers in N.D. with the "best wheat".      In 1908 Eugene and family were living in Laureat ND just on the outskirts of St. John. In November of 1908 Eugene and son were in Moose Jaw SK on a land hunting expedition.       On Nov 11, 1909 Eugene, Clara and family left for their new homestead in Webb, SK -- located approx 45 miles west of Swift Current. Eugene and Clara did again appear in the 1916 Canada Census living in Webb SK.      Clara next appears living with son Frank and his family in San Antonio, Los Angles, CA (1920 US Census), and at Frank's home at 2048 Kelton Ave. Los Angeles for the 1930 and 1940 US Censuses.

      Clara died March 14, 1942 in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery & Mausoleum 4201 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90023; Grave 5, Lot 183, Section N.

      The couple had the following 8 children:

      1. Louis Joseph (b. Nov. 24, 1878 Grand Forks, ND) married Lucy Demers May 26, 1901 at St. John The Baptist, St. John N.D.
        Louis and family would follow his parents out to Webb SK and they would appear in the Canada 1911 Census and the Canada 1916 Census. along with Eugene's brother Alphonse and his family. He died in May 1948 at ?location?.
      2. Joseph Dollard (aka "Dolar") (b. April 6, 1880) Allendale Township/Grand Forks, ND. (d. 1979) ; wife Mary Eva Cloutier (b. abt 1888) (believed to be the daughter of Francois Cloutier and Olive Molin of Lebret SK) ; circa Jan 1909 would live in Outlook, Sask., Canada. The family would appear in the in the Canada 1916 Census with family;
        1. Eugene Albert Robert N. Turcotte (b. Nov 30, 1907) at Viscount, SK; who would appear on the 1940 Canada Voters Lists living in Melfort SK as a laborer.
        2. Douglas Joseph Turcotte(b. abt 1910),
        3. Rhea Mary Turcotte (b. abt 1911),
        4. Laurant Turcotte (b. abt 1914),
        5. Edoward Turcotte (b. abt 1915)

      3. Georgiana Turcotte (1882-1883)
      4. Georgiana Marie (b. April 8, 1883 Allendale Township, Grand Forks, ND) ; (d. Oct. 30, 1962 Alhambra, Cal.) (buried Nov. 1962 in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California.)
        Georgie (as her family called her) married at St. John The Baptist in St. John, ND, on Jan 21, 1901 to John Joseph McManus (b./d. 1881 - 1952), he was born in Ennisken, Fermanah, Northern Ireland.       John McManus was at one time proprietor of the St. John Meat Market and thereafter became one of the most prosperous farmers of Fairview township.
        John and Georgina McManus were Lorraine Brown's grand parents.
        The 1910 US Census had Georgiana and John living in Fairview, Rolette, North Dakota with daughters; Marie (8), Rossa (1) and sons James (7), John (5) and Vernon (4).
        In April of 1916, Border Crossings: From Canada to US, 1895-1954 Records, indicate that the McManus family returned to St John, North Dakota after living for a period of time with Georgiana' father Eugene Turcotte in Webb, SK. Travelling with Georgianna and John on the cross-border trip were children Margaret (age 5 born Saskatchewan Canada) and Hughey (age 1 born Saskatchewan Canada). (no other children accompanying them) John McManus' occupation was listed as a farmer.
        The 1930 US Census had Georgiana and John living in Devils Lake, Ramsey, North Dakota with daughters; Marguriete aged 19 and Marie aged 3, and sons Hugh aged 15 and George aged 13.
        The couple turned up in the 1940 US Census as lodgers in a house in Los Angeles California. Living with them was their son George McManus age 23. The Census notes that in 1935 the family had lived in St. John, Rolette, North Dakota.
        The couple had the following 7 children:
        1. Marie McManus (b. 1902) (d. 1922 St. John)
        2. James Joseph McManus (b. 1903), St. John, ND. (d. 1972), Alhambra, Cal.
          Lorriane Brown's mother Lorraine McManus was to marry Even Fisher with 4 boys resulting from the 24 year long marriage.
          In 1980 Lorraine married Gaile Russell Brown.
        3. John McManus (b. 1904 St. John), (d. 1918)
        4. Vernon Vincent McManus (b. 1906) St. John (d. 1980)
        5. George Phillip McManus (b. 1907) St. John (d. 1979) Oregon
        6. Margaret Catherine McManus (b. 1911) Saskatchewan (d. 1986) Washington
        7. Marie Eugenia Clara McManus (b. 1912) (d. 1922) both in St. John

      5. Marie Eva Clara (b. May 29, 1887) in St. Claude Mission, Turtle Mountain, Rolette County, N.D. (d. Mar 30, 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia of sarcoma). On Apr 24, 1906 at the age of 18, Eva married Hugh Frame Varty (b. Mar 10, 1870 Penetanquishene, Ontario, Canada) (d. Mar 8, 1942). This was Hugh's second marriage, the first being to Edna Waterman Nov 18, 1895. Eva and Hugh were to have 7 girls, the 4 youngest were:
        1. Edna Varty (1907-)
        2. Eva Varty (1908-)
        3. Rhea Varty (1909-)
        4. Sarah Varty (1910-)
      6. Marie Amelia Beline (aka "Adeline" and "Val") (b. Feb 26, 1886, St Claude Mission, Turtle Moutains, Rolette Co. N.D.) (Per Social Security Death Index & California Death Index: d. Oct 1974 in 93060 Santa Paula, Ventura County, California at the age of 88). Val would marry Samuel David Quimby (b. Sep 18, 1880 in Pennsylvania) (d. Jan 14, 1974 in California).
        The 1940 US Census had Val (age 66) and Samuel (age 56) living with their daughter Esther Quimby (age 20) at 723 Maple Terrace,Chester, Delaware, Pennsylvania. Saamuel was classified as a laborer.
        Val is buried at the West Side District Cemetery, Taft, Kern County, California where her husband is also buried along with a number of the other Quimbly clan.
      7. Francois Guillaume (aka "Frank William") (b. Feb 13, 1889 in St. John N.D.) ; (d. May 1978 Harbor City, Los Angeles, California).
        Was an attorney circa 1910 living in McClusky N.D. In 1920 Frank and family were living in San Antonio, Los Angeles, CA and in 1930 and 1940 were living at 2048 Kelton Ave. Los Angeles; Wife Jean B. (aka Jenna) (b. 1892 Scotland) and children:
        1. Vernon R. Turcotte (b. abt 1912),
        2. Woodrow J. Turcotte (b. abt. 1915)
        3. and Frances A. Turcotte (b. abt 1929).

      8. Stella (b. April 30, 1891) in St. John N.D. would marry Hugh Reynolds (b.1890 in Saskatchewan) on June 10, 1908. One source has Hugh dying at the age of 32 in 1922.
      9. and Argelia (b. Sep 13, 1893 in St. John N.D.) (d. Mar 19, 1896 in St. John N.D.) (see tombstone photo at right)
      PHOTO of Tombstone of Argelia Turcotte at
      Holy Cross Cemetery St John ND
      PHOTO Courtesy: Cathy Cornell of Fargo N.D.
      Photo:Tombstone of Argelia Turcotte at Holy Cross Cemetery St John ND

    9. Best Available Copy of
      Turtle Mountain Star Aug 15, 1912 Obituary
      For (Jean) Arthur Rousseau Brooks
      (aka "Archie" Brooks )
      Turtle Mountain Star Aug 15, 1912 Obituary for Archie Brooks
      Transcription of Aug 15, 1912 Turtle Mountain Star Obituary
      Archie Brooks, a former well known
      resident of St. John died at his home
      at Wallace, Idaho, on Thursday Aug.
      7, 1912, of miner's consumption
      an illness of two weeks. He leaves one
      daughter Mrs. Babe Gregoire of Mer-
      rifield, Grand Forks county, three
      brothers, Hubert, recently of St. John,
      Ebe, of Mariopolis, Man. and Joseph
      of Lowell, Mass., and three sisters
      Mrs. Fred Plante, of St. John,
      Mrs Eugene Turcotte of Webb, Sask.,
      and Mrs. C Demarais of Westhrope
      N. Dak. The body will arrive at St.
      John this evening in charge of his
      daughter. Funeral services will be
      held Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock.
      Rev. Father Favreau officiating. The
      deceased visited Saint John several
      times since his removal to Idaho with the
      last visit having been in 1910.
      He was highly respected by all who
      knew him.

      Editor's Note Interesting To See Which Relations Were Alive
      Circa Aug 1912:
      Mrs Babe Gregoire is Anna Brooks wife of Siffroid "Babe" Gregoire
      Hubert - self explanatory
      Ebe I believe is Louis Albert Euphreme (LAE) Rousseau
      Joseph I believe is Pierre Theodore Rousseau
      Mrs. Fred Plante is Marie Germaine Florida (Flora) Brooks
      Mrs Eugene Turcotte is Marie Clara Rousseau
      and Mrs. C Demarais is Marie Georgiana Rousseau.
      Not sure why Louis Achille Rousseau Brooks not listed in relatives.
      Anna Rousseau Brooks
      Photo Courtesy: Dorothy (Grégoire) Vettel
      Photo: Anna Rousseau Brooks
      (Jean) Arthur (aka "Archie") Rousseau Brooks was born on 18 June 1860 in St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere, Québec.
      Arthur died Aug 6, 1912 in Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho.

      MARRIAGE to Obéline Grégoire
      Arthur married Obéline Grégoire (Marie's older sister by approx. 11 years) on August 6, 1883 at St. Michael's Catholic Church, Grand Forks, ND.   (Witnesses: Hubert Rousseau & Marie Gregoire. Priest: Bernard Ahne. Ref: St. Michael's Church Register Book of Marriages: 1883-1908 Page 1).
      Obéline died (d. Dec 1886). Obéline is thought to be buried in St. John N.D.

      1. Archie and Obéline Brooks had one child Anna R. Rousseau Brooks (b. Dec 1886) (d. May 27, 1955 in Salem, OR and then was brought to Grand Forks for burial next to her husband). (Calvery Cemetary Grand Forks Block 410 Lot 3 Grave 6 next to husband Siffroid (Grave 5))
        Mother Obéline died (d. Dec 1886) while giving birth to Anna.

        Anna was almost immediately sent to be raised by Obéline's sister Amanda Grégoire Fortin (2nd wife of George Fortin) who was living in Grand Forks County and did not have any children of her own.
        Anna would later marry (Uncle) Siffroid Grégoire in Montréal, Quebec, Canada at Cathedrale St-Jacque-le-Mineur on June 29, 1911 (Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967) as the Catholic Church in N.D. would not marry them in North Dakota.
        Siffroid Gregoire who was born on Feb. 2, 1866, died at the age of 80 on Jan. 2, 1947 and is buried in Calvary Cemetary of Grand Forks N.D.
        Anna became an opera singer of some note and also spent some time in the Music Department at University of North Dakota. Interestingly the Grégoire's would attribute Anna's singing ability to her Rousseau/Brooks genes as allegedly there was a famous earlier generation Rousseau / Brooks who was a 'famous' singer.

        The 1920/ 1930 US Census had Siffroid, Anna and daughter Marie living in Grand Forks Ward 7, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

        The 1940 US Census had Anna Gregoire (age 53) living with her daughter Marie (aged 25) on Cherry Street in Grand Forks, North Dakota. As well, Anna was listed as a widow.
        However, both Norman Funeral Home and the Calvery Cemetery in Grand Forks confirm that Siffroid died Jan 2, 1947 with the funeral on Jan 7, 1947.
        Further the North Dakota Public Health Death Index indicates that Siffroid Rousseau died on Jan 2, 1947 at the age of 80 in Stutsman County of North Dakota (probably in Jamestown, ND, the largest city in that county according to Gregoire relative Truman Bratteli). The question is, why were Siffroid and Anna living apart? Separation, other issues?

        1. Anna and Siffroid would have one child Marie A. Grégoire (b. Oct 13, 1914). Marie would marry Gordon Killian (b. 22 Nov 1918) (d. Jan 1971). The California, Death Index, 1940-1997 about Marie A Killian indicates that she died in Los Angles, California on June 9, 1974.
      Arthur died Aug 6, 1912 in Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho. (Place of Burial: St. John N.D.; Date of Burial: 17 Aug 1912) (Collection: Idaho Death Certificates, 1911-1937; GSU Film Number: 1509277; Volume/Page/Certificate Number: f 2744).
      Archie Rousseau Brooks Burial Record in St. John
      NOTE: Priest was Joseph Albert Ephrem Rousseau - LAE Rousseau's son.

      Copy of Record Courtesy: Tamara Splonskowski, Chancellor's Assistant, Diocese of Fargo N.D.
      Photo: Archie  Rousseau Brooks Burial Record
      MARRIAGE RECORD for Siffroid Grégoire and Anna Rousseau
      June 29, 1911; Cathedrale St-Jacque-le-Mineur; Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      NOTE spelling of "Sigefroi" in text BUT he signs the record as "Siffroid".

      Copy of Record Courtesy: Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
      Image Siffroid and Anna Gregoire Marriage Certificate 1
      Image Siffroid and Anna Gregoire Marriage Certificate 2
      Image Siffroid and Anna Gregoire Marriage Certificate 3
    10. Hubert Rousseau was born October 4, 1862 in St Sylvestre, Beauce Québec
      Godparents were: Hubert Nadeau and Magdeleine Biron
      (In the 1880 US Census it would appear that Hubert appears as "John" Brooks. It is now thought this was as a result of the census ennumerator confusion merging Hubert's birthday with the name of Hubert's older brother Jean Arthur. Hubert's baptismal certificate only has the name Hubert.)
      Hubert (Rousseau) Brooks died on Thursday January 23, 1930 in Fairview (just outside of Bluesky), Alberta, Canada.
      He is buried in Friedenstal Catholic Cemetery, Friedenstal, Alberta.
      The life of Hubert (Rousseau) Brooks and his offspring is expanded on in some depth in the sections which follow.
      Hubert Rousseau (not yet Brooks) married Marie (Eugenie Ridna) Grégoire January 7, 1884 at St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Grand Forks. (Legal name now is St. Michael's Church of Grand Forks.)
      The couple had the following children all born in North Dakota (Grand Forks County and St. John):

      1. The eldest child and first boy; Siffroid Rousseau born 25- December 1884 in Grand Forks N.D.
        (d. sometime between late Dec 1884 and 1910) and whose burial place is unknown.
      2. The first girl born January 12, 1885 in Grand Forks N.D; Mary Eugene N. Brooks (foregoing as per baptism certificate;
        suspect actual name intended by parents: Marie Eugéne Nelida (Nellie) Brooks (b. Jan. 12, 1885) (d. Oct 12, 1937)
        Nellie was to marry Oscar John Bolstad at St. John on June 20, 1905.
        Oscar had been born (b. Nov. 28, 1880) at Dawson, Minnesota, a town in the Riverside subdivision of Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota to Johann and Laura Bolstad both who originally hailed from Norway. Oscar died June 18, 1964.
        (See further discussion on Nellie and her family in Sections A4.2, 6.3, 6.5 and 17)
      3. Also born in Grand Forks N.D on September 25, 1887 Marie Rousseau (foregoing as per baptism certificate;
        suspect actual name intended by parents: Marie Theodora (Dora) Brooks (b. Sept. 25, 1887) (d. Aug 8, 1970)
        Dora was to Marry Dr. John G. Warren Dec 1, 1909 in St. John N.D. at St John The Baptist Catholic Church, St. John N.D.
        John Gaffney Warren M.D. C.M. (b. Sept. 2, 1879) (d. Sept. 26, 1966) was the son of Irish immigrants Robert Francis Warren (b. abt 1849) and Sarah Catherine Gaffney (b. abt 1859). The Warren family appeared in the Canada 1881 Census with the Warren's living with Sarah's Gaffney family. The Warren family also appeared in the Canada 1891 Census
        (See further discussion on Dora and her family in Sections A4.2, 6.3, 6.5 and 18)
      4. Final child born in Grand Forks N.D. ; (Joseph) Alfred (aka FRED) Brooks (b. February 18, 1891), (the father-to-be of HUBERT BROOKS upon which this biography is based)
        (d. May 13, 1944)
        (See further discussion on Fred and his family in Sections A4.2, 6.3, 6.5, 12 and 13)
      5. Marie-Anne Séduile Juliette Rousseau Brooks born January 5, 1893; died January 6, 1893 in St. John, North Dakota
      6. Aimé (Hubert) Brooks (b. May 17, 1895) (actually baptized Joseph Hubert Didacius Adalbert May 18, 1895) in St. John N.D.     (d. Jan 21, 1952)
        (See further discussion on Aimé and his family in Sections A6.3 and 16)
      7. Joseph (Albert Antoine) Brooks (b. December 20, 1901) in St. John N.D.     (d. Jan. 8, 1982)
        (See further discussion on Joe and his family in Sections A6.3 and 15)
      8. and the youngest child Otto (Hubert) Brooks (b. November 10, 1903) (actually baptized Aimé John Percy Otto November 14, 1903) in St. John N.D.     (d. Oct 26, 1969)
        (See further discussion on Otto and his family in Sections A6.3 and 14)
    11. Louis Dezel Alfred Rousseau was born on 17 Sep 1865 in St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere, Québec. He died on 01 Oct 1865 in St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere, Québec.

    12. Florida Rousseau was born about 1869 and died 21-Aug 1870.

    13. Marie Louise Philomene Agathe Rousseau was born Feb 1870 and baptised in the Basilique Notre-Dame. She died on 12 Mar 1876 in Ste Germaine, Dorchester, Québec.

    14. Marie Germaine Florida (Flora) Brooks was born September 21, 1871 in Lac Etchemin (Ste-Germaine) Québec Canada.
      Flora died at home on October 9, 1958 (the same day as Pope Pius XII) and was interned Monday October 13, 1958 in (Grave 175, Tier 45, Section A) of Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum 966 Potrero Grande Dr, Montebello, CA 91770, United States .
      Daughter Rena Plante looked after the arrangements at the time with the help of her sister Beatrice McHugh who flew into LA. for the funeral.

      After Louis (Rousseau) Brooks died, Luce Brooks moved in with daughter Flora (and Flora's husband Freddy) in St. John N.D. until her own death in April of 1901. Flora was thus an important presence in the later part of Luce's life. Freddy also worked for Hubert Brooks in his store in St. John for a period of 5 years.

      Flora Brooks, then of Grand Forks, married Marie Joseph Alfred "Freddy" Plante (b. October 12,1865) (d. 12-Feb-1931) on June 18, 1891 at St. John The Baptist Catholic Church in St. John N.D..
      The couple appears in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census in Rolette County (St. John) up until the 1920 US Census, and then for the 1930 and 1940 US Censuses their home was Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. In 1930 Alfred (64), Flora (58) and children Rena (34), Alfred M (25), Wendell (23) and Juel (aka Julia Minnie) (22)(see Al Montrose below) all lived in the same home in Minneapolis Hennepin Minnesota. In 1940 just Flora (68), Rena (45) and Wendell (aka "Duke") (32) were staying in this same home. Daughter Arcelia had by then moved to California and had been for there for about 5 years when Flora, Rena and Duke also moved there to get away from the cold winters and cater to Duke's bad back which got aggrevated in winter. Duke and Rena both worked after they moved. Daughter Arcelia owned her own beauty parlor and her daughter Audrey worked with her.
      (See Section A2.5 for more on the immediate PLANTE family genealogy.)

      Grave Site of Alfred "Freddy" Plante
      ST. Mary's Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota
      Born: 1865 St. Marie Beauce, Quebec, Canada; Died Minneapolis Dec. 1931

      Photo Source: Joan Schaefer (Alfred Plante was Joan's grandfather)
      Grave Site of Alfred "Freddy" Plante
      Grave Site (1871- 1958) of Flora Brooks Plante
      Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum, Montebello, CA, United States
      Source: Carla Alverez, Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum, Montebello, CA
      Grave Site (1871- 1958) of Flora Brooks Plante

      The couple had 7 children but only 6 that lived to adulthood.

      May 22,1903 Turtle Mountain Star news item on Anna and Rena Plante
      Turtle Mountain Star news item on Anna and Rena Plante
      Anna and Rena Plante, First Communion in N.D. circa late 1890s.
      Photo: Anna and Rena Plante, First Communion in N.D. circa late 1890s.
      1. Jean Joseph - b. Mar. 21, 1892 in St. John N.D. and d. Mar. 21, 1892 in St. John N.D.
      2. Marie Anne Marguerite Jeanette (aka "Anna") - b. Jun. 29, 1893 in St. John N.D. (Godparents: Eugene and Clara Turcotte in 1894) (d. Feb 17, 1947); who married on Aug. 4, 1914 Peter Rausch of Raleigh, North Dakota (b. Sep 5, 1888) (d. Apr. 1982), and spent her married life in Bismarck, ND. 2 children, Ruth, 1917 - 2009, never married and Richard - 1918 - 2001, married to Gladys, 2 children, Dianne and Jim. both deceased. All grew up and lived in Bismarck, ND. Anna and her husband Peter Rausch are buried in St. Mary's Cemetary in Bismarck, ND.
      3. Marie Anne Marguerite Gracia Irena aka "Aunt Rena" (b. Nov 1, 1894 St. John, Rolette Co., N.D.) (d. July 1987) ; 3rd grade school teacher in the schools of Brisbane, North Dakota, never married. Was in West Los Angeles (near Montebello) in 1958 with her mother Flora. Rena is buried in St. Mary's Cemetary in Bismarck, ND. along with her sister Anna Rausch and her husband Peter Rausch
      4. Marie Anne Marguerite Beatrice April 7, 1896 - 1984; 1st grade school teacher in St. John, married about 1942 to James McHugh, spent her married life in Minto, ND. real small town about 15 miles south of Grafton, ND. He was the town banker. Hubert Brooks and Georgiana Demars were God Parents to Marie Anne Marguerite Beatrice Plante in 1896. Beatrice was born on April 7, 1896 so Hubert was living in St. John, ND in 1896.
      5. Marie Anne Marguerite Eugenia Arcelia (b. July 25, 1897 St. John, Rolette Co., N.D.) (d. Jan 1971 Los Angeles California), who served as an assistant post-master in St. John in the early 1900s and then was a hair dresser, married abt 1920 to James "Jimmy" Wold, divorced about 1940, 3 children, Audrey, Stuart and Janet (now Janet Wold Rhyme wife of Harlon Rhyme). Arcelia died in LA January of 1971.
      6. Marie Joseph AlFred Montrose (b. Sep 23, 1903 St. John, Rolette Co., N.D.) (d. Dec. 1979) - Joan Schafer's Dad.
        On June 15, 1929 Alfred Montrose Plante married Julia Minnie "Sunny" Mayer (b. April 1907) (d. May 2001) at St. Marks Catholic Church, St. Paul, MN.
        The couple had two children; Joan Therese Plante and Nannette Jule Plante.
        Joan Marie Plante married Earl John Schaefer in 1954 and divorced in 1993. The couple had 3 children; James, Kenneth (who would marry Mary ?), and Annelouise (Anne would marry Scott Seaberg).
        Joan passed away on April 2, 2016 in Shoreview, MN at the age of 83.
        Nannette Jule Plante would marry Bob Mountain.
      7. Joseph Ernest Fabius Wendell (although he went by the knickname "Duke") (b. Nov 30, 1906 St John, Rolette Co. N.D.) (d. Sep 1971) Never married. worked for trucking companies as a bookkeeper. From 1935 to 1948/49, he worked in St. Paul for Gateway Motor Co., close to where Joan Schaefer lived. He would come for lunch at Joan's almost every day. Larueat Martineau and Marie Brooks were God parents to Joseph Ernest Fabius Wendell Plante. He was born in Nov 1906 so Hubert and Marie were still in St. John at that time. Moved to California with sister Rena and mother Flora -- worked there for a time and eventually died there September 1971.
        Grave Site of Juel and Alfred Montrose Plante
        Resurection Cemetery in Mendota, Mn (a small suburg of St. Paul, Minnesota)
        Juel M. Plante b. April 16, 1907, St. Paul, MN d. 2000 St. Paul, MN ; Alfred Montrose Plante b. 1904 St. John, ND d. 1979 St. Paul, MN.

        Photo Source: Joan Schaefer (Joan's parents were Juel and Alfred Montrose Plante)
        Grave Site of Juel and Alfred Montrose Plante
        Grave Site (1907 -1971) of Wendell Plante
        Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum, Montebello, CA, United States
        Source: Carla Alverez, Resurrection Cemetery & Mausoleum, Montebello, CA
        Grave Site (1907 -1971) of Wendell Plante

Obviously Luce (Huard) Rousseau was certainly very prolific with respect to giving birth to children – as were most French Canadian families of that era!

Louis Rousseau, had operated as a successful merchant in St George de Beauce region of Québec. This profession as a merchant was one that son (John) Hubert Rousseau Brooks was to follow in for many years to come.

The birth of Hubert Rousseau on October 4, 1862 brings us to the main genealogy account that will begin in the next chapter.

Rousseaus and Religion

As an aside, the Rousseau family was also said to be very religious – as were most Québec families of that era – the Catholic Church had a very strong influence on all aspects of every day life.

Thomas Rousseau Painting Obtained by Brooks Family
(Note: On back of painting is signature of 1st name Hubert - presumably Hubert Rousseau Brooks, as well as initials J.T.R. - presumably for Joseph Thomas Rousseau)

Custody History: Hubert Rousseau Brooks from St Jean, N.D. to Bluesky Alberta;
then passed to youngest son Otto Brooks;
upon Otto's passing to his wife Mary (Gruber) Brooks;
upon Mary's passing to Harvest Lodge Chapel, Fairview AB.,
and most recently to Otto and Mary's son, Warren Brooks in Spruce Grove AB who will loan it to a local Catholic Church.
Photo: Thomas Rousseau Painting Obtained by Brooks Family
Thomas Rousseau Painting
Given to His Sister Marie Germaine Florida Rousseau Brooks Plante

Painting is approximately 3 feet by 4½ feet in size

Custody History: i) Marie Germaine Florida Rousseau Brooks Plante;
ii) When Flora, Rena and Duke moved to California, Flora passed the painting to her son Alfred Montrose Plante;
iii) When Alfred died his wife Julia and daughter Joan moved to a smaller apartment and tried to donate the painting to St. Mark's Church in St. Paul. Unfortunately the church did not want it, as it was too large.;
iv) The family then donated the painting to the St. Mark's rummage sale.
An anonymous person now has the painting.
Photo: Thomas Rousseau Painting Obtained by Flora Rousseau Brooks Plante

Some Reference Sources for Rousseau Genealogy

The principle sources uncovered to date for the Rousseau family genealogy are as follows;

  1. The book THOMAS ROUSSEAU ET SES DESCENDANTS by Chantal Rousseau et Guildo Rousseau published by des Éditions du Septentrion, ISBN: 978-2-89448-635-1.

  2. Information compiled by Mrs. Joan Schaefer of Minnesota ND USA – granddaughter of Marie Germaine Florida (aka Flora) Rousseau/Brooks. This information was derived from a private notebook currently in the possession of Mrs. Schaefer which had been kept by Florida (Rousseau) Brooks and then by her offspring which kept track and identified the offspring of Louis and Luce Rousseau Brooks.

  3. Extensive genealogy research by Ms. LORRAINE BROWN 1645 SOUTH MORGAN VALLEY DRIVE, MORGAN UTAH USA 84050 – granddaughter of Clara Rousseau Turcotte. This has resulted in a comprehensive private database concerning the Rousseau and associated offspring family lines. DOUBLE CLICK REFERENCE LINK to view the document.
    (See also familysearch.org reference below.) (Thanks to Michael Brooks of Alberta for this contact.)
    Other Lorraine Brown references include (thanks to Joan Schafer for providing Lorraine's documents):
    NOTE: FHL = Family History Library the Mormon geneaology research centers located at several locations about the USA

    1. For Louis Rousseau:
      1. Register of Marriages of St. Isidore, Dorchester, Quebec. (FHL 1,290,458)
      2. 1871 Canadian Census, Ste Germaine, Dorchester Quebec (FHL 549,950)
      3. 1880 US Census Allendale, Grand Forks, Dakota Territory (FHL 1,254,112)
      4. Collection of Genealogies of the Counties of Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac. Vol 9 Frère Eloi-Gérard, B.A., B.P. mariste
    2. For Louis Albert Euuphréme Rousseau Brooks
      1. Parish Records of st. Isidore Parish, Dorchester, Quebec (FHL 1,290,458)
      2. for Marriage: Collection of Genealogies of the Counties of Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac. Vol 4 pages 245, 255 Frère Eloi-Gérard, B.A., B.P. mariste (FHL 971.4/D2tr)
      3. 1880 US Census Allendale, Grand Forks, Dakota Territory Vol 1, ED 69 Sheet 2, Line 10 (FHL 1,254,112)
    3. For Marie Euphémie Rousseau
      1. Birth and Christening: Register of St. Isidore, Dorchester, Quebec. (FHL 1,290,458)
      2. for Marriage: The Loiselle Marriage Index Quebec (FHL 543,823)
    4. For Joeseph Paul Rousseau
      1. Birth and Christening: Birth Register of St. Elezar Parish, Beauce, Quebec. (FHL 1,294,573)
      2. for Death: Register of Deaths of St. Elezar Parish Beauce, Quebec (FHL 1,294,573)
    5. For Joeseph Odelle Rousseau
      1. Birth and Christening: Birth Register of St. Elezar Parish, Beauce, Quebec. (FHL 1,294,573)
    6. For Louis Achille Rousseau Brooks
      1. Christening: Birth Register of St. Elezar Parish, Beauce, Quebec. (FHL 1,294,573)
      2. 1900 US Census, Larimore, Grand forks, North dakota. ED 72, Sheet 1, Line 40. He is listed here as Louis A. Brooks, Occupation: Meat Market.
    7. For Pierre Theodore Rousseau
      1. Christening: Birth Register of St. Elezar Parish, Beauce, Quebec. (FHL 1,294,573)
  4. And the Drouin Collection that ties Louis Rousseau (see 3rd last entry) to Thomas Rousseau (thanks to Hubert Brooks of Boucherville for the image below)

    Image 1 from Drouin Collection of Louis Rousseau Family Line
    Image 2 from Drouin Collection of Louis Rousseau Family Line
    Image 3 from Drouin Collection of Louis Rousseau Family Line
  5. The web site familysearch.org that frankly states:
    "Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. The information has not been verified against any official records. Since the information in Ancestral File is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy."
    The interesting item here is that you can see the names and addresses of the information submitter and often times determine a living relative. LORRAINE BROWN has contributed to this website.

    Click the familysearch.org WEB LINK to visit the site. A summary reproduction appears below.

    Image 1 from  familysearch.org web site for offspring of  Louis and  Luce Rousseau
    Image 2 from  familysearch.org web site for offspring of  Louis and  Luce Rousseau
    Image 3 from  familysearch.org web site for offspring of  Louis and  Luce Rousseau

    Items of NOTE:

    1. Note the name John HUBERT Rousseau Brooks emerges as the 10th of 14 children. In a later chapter I will contend that this entry was an enumeration MISTAKE merging the names of sons Jean and Hubert into "John Hubert".

    2. The birth place for HUBERT ROUSSEAU is identified as St Elzear, Beauce Québec vs. the newspaper obituary information of Lévis, Québec AND as opposed to the baseline Oct 1863 birth date, the familysearch.org site has it as Oct 1862. The 1880 and 1910 US Census would list it as ‘about 1863’ whereas the 1916 Canadian Census would list it as ‘about 1862‘. The newspaper obituary for Hubert (Rousseau) Brooks lists his birth date as 1863 so this seems to be the date most often used as baseline.

    3. After HUBERT ROUSSEAU, Louis and Luce had some very bad luck with three children in a row – Louis Dezel, Florida and Marie Louise – dying young.

    4. As mentioned previously, although ‘John’ Hubert�s birth date was later confirmed by US and Canadian census data, no formal birth certificate has been found to date as a result of the genealogy research.

      Allegedly (according to Joan Schafer), records exist showing baptismal records at St. Elzear Parish, Beauce, Québec with John Hubert�s Godparents being Hubert Nadeau and Magdeleine Perron – but it has yet to be independently verified in this search.

      (Records for Beauce County: St.Elzear (1842–1900) on 1 DVD with 6,400 records can be purchased online at: http://home.gwi.net/~frenchgen/BEAUCE_CTY_PARISH_RECORDS.htm
      hit WEB LINK to visit the site and which presumably would settle the discussion and confirm that John Hubert Rousseau is indeed Hubert Rousseau.)

  6. For those that want to delve further into the history of the ROUSSEAU FAMILY GENEAOLOGY suggest one consult: The well know web link found at:

  7. Also there is the on-line GENEANET site for Thomas Rousseau and offspring.

  8. And there is a whole on-line site (several pages) on the Rousseau clan at:

  9. There are a number of Rousseau books that I am aware of but have not, to date, accessed:

    1. Our French Canadian Ancestors (28 Volume Series) By Thomas J. Laforest Published by Lisi Press, Palm Harbour, Florida; Thomas Rousseau is featured in Volume 13 Chapter 12 p 183

    2. Les premières familles Rousseau en Nouvelle-France by Gervaise Rousseau-Ouellette; published in Sherbrooke QC 1983; OCLC Number: 15972109

    3. Une lignée de Rousseau d'Amérique by Gervaise Rousseau-Ouellette and Robert Rousseau; published in Sherbrooke QC 1986; OCLC Number: 16867305

    4. Rousseau biographies by Inez Jane Dennis Published 1965 by s.n. in Cornwall Bridge? Conn.; Library of Congress CS71.R867 1965 ; Open Library OL5975066M

    5. Four families (the story of the Whalen's, Rousseau's, Smith's, and Shreve's in the Saginaw Valley. Mich) by William D. White. Published 1990 by W.D. White in [Saginaw, Mich.] (2439 Delaware Blvd, Saginaw) Library of Congress CS71.W568 1990; Open Library OL1959525M


When tracing the family tree, one encounters many variations in the spelling of names whether it be in the original church records, census entries, civil records, newspaper articles, etc.

Typically our ancestors did not know how to spell ! Many of our ancestors did not know how to read or write, so when their names were written, the spelling was at the mercy of the person entering the name. If that person was familiar with the common spelling of the name then all was well. If not, that person had to rely on the phonetic spelling of the name, e.g., Phaneuf could become Faneuf, Savart became Savard, Savarre, Savar, Brillant became Brilland, Briand, Brient and so on.

One can see that an English speaking individual could be quite challenged to correctly record a French name!

Further, names were anglicized .... When our ancestors came to the United States to work and settle, they oftentimes found themselves being snubbed by the Irish and English. As a result, many of our ancestors anglicized their names. For example:
Roy = King
Rousseau (ruisseau) = Brook
Boulanger = Baker

Thus when researching one's ancestors, you have to be aware of the common (and not so common) spellings of the name as well as possible anglicized versions and also 'dit' names (see below).


"Dit" names is the French-Canadian manner of handling "AKA" "Also Known As."

In the early French-Canadian period (17th and 18th Centuries), the use of "Dit" separating two names was extremely common. Often the "Dit" was used to more clearly differentiate two people with the same name (Jacques LABONTE might become Jacques Labonte dit Lepetite to differentiate him from his father of the same name), or come from the use of a nickname (Jacques Labonte dit Legros, "the Large" because he was so big, or inversely maybe because he was so small). Often, the dit name designated where the individual was from: Pierre H�lie dit Breton, because he came from Bretagne, in France.
Occasionally, an individual took on a dit name to honor someone who helped them out in the new world, or the old, or to pay respect to them for any number of reasons.

The use of the "dit" names spelled out, e.g. CHEVALIER dit SANSCHAGRIN, is very common among the first generation or two of users. More often, the name is used only by the first individual, then the descendants revert back to the original name, or use just the "dit" name.


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