Less We Forget Poppy

The Life and Times of Hubert Brooks M.C. C.D.
A Canadian Hero

Less We Forget Poppy


A 6.1 Hubert Brooks Family and St. JOHN North Dakota Late 1892 to June 1913

The extended Brooks family was one of the early settlers in St. John N.D. .

Most likely the Hubert Brooks family moved to St. John because there was such a congregation of relatives and French Canadian settlers that lived there already.

  1. Mother Luce had first moved to St. John to live with daughter Flora (and Flora's husband Freddy Plante), following the February 1892 passing of Louis (Rousseau) Brooks in Grand Forks. It seems that Luce then temporarily moved back to Grand Forks, and then arrived "full time" in St. John by Aug 25, 1892.
  2. Brother Jean Arthur (aka Archie") ( and wife Obéline Grégoire -- Marie's sister) were already in St. John since at least 1885 (per Census - see next page) and Hubert had previously been in St John helping Arthur bring in the crops ( see A6.2)
  3. Sister Flora was living in St. John with husband Alfred "Freddy" Plante
  4. Sister Clara was living in St. John with husband Eugene Turcotte

As well the town of St. John and the Catholic missionaries had a persistent drumbeat promotiing the unbridaled business opportunities in the newly established, growing hamlet/ town of St John, (with a stated desire to set up an enclave of French Canadian frontier homesteaders)

Whatever the reason or reasons,..... Hubert Brooks and family arrived in St. John (St. John Ward 1, Rolette, North Dakota USA) during the last few months of 1892.

On arrival in St. John, Hubert would have been 30, wife Marie 26; daughters Nellie and Dora 7 and 4 respectively, and son Fred 2 years old.

They would remain in St. John until June of 1913 when they immigrated north to Lafleche Saskatchewan -- again seeking out greener fields and opportunities.

By the time of Hubert Brooks' departure, he had one of the nicest homes in St. John, a prosperous General Store, a section of town called the Brooks Addition, a section within town called the Brooks Grove, the Brooks Supply Store and an attached cottage out at Fish Lake, the Brooks Landing out at Fish Lake and numerous real estate investments throughout Rolette County.

During their stay in St. John there was some sad family events as well:

  1. Hubert and Marie's daughter Marie-Anne Séduile Juliette Rousseau Brooks born January 5, 1893; died January 6, 1893.
  2. Clara (Rousseau Brooks) Turcotte's daughter Argelia, born Sept 12, 1893, would die Mar 19, 1896.
  3. April 10, 1901 Hubert's mother, Luce Huard Rousseau Brooks, died in St. John.
  4. Nellie (Rousseau Brooks) Bolstad's first born, Marie Laura, born Oct 29, 1906 would die a few short months later on Jan 17, 1907.

In addition to re-uniting with his mother and sister, Hubert Brooks was sure to see the opportunity as a merchant to the growing community of St. John.

A 6.1.1 Brooks Family & Their French (Canadian) Neighbors in St. John, North Dakota Late 1800s

Hubert and Marie Brooks would become quite close with a number of French Canadian families living in St John after their move in 1892.
In particular their circle of friends would include the Plantes, and the Martineaus, and the Bourassas, and the Martels as well as the Foussards from France, the Turcottes, the Coutures, the Gauthiers, the Martins, the Durochers..........

In addition to the various business linkages established by the men, there was also a "blood relation of sorts";
Alfred Plante married Hubert's sister Flora Brooks, while Alfred Plante was the brother-in-law of Fortunat Martineau (who married Cedulie Plante born on the Isle of Orleans, in the St. Lawrence river and who was a daughter of Capitan Plante, M. C.), and Arthur Foussard (one of the original three men appointed to organize Rolette County in 1884) -- was also a brother-in-law to F. Martineau (Arthur hauled Fortunat Martineau's goods from Brandon, Manitoba for the Martineau store).

F. Martineau Store One of First Business Establishments in St. John 1883
PHOTO Courtesy: Mel Kuhn, St. John N.D.
(Photo also in Book: St. John, City at the End of the Rainbow page 35)
Martineau Store in St. John N.D. circa 1883 Caption for Martineau Store in St. John N.D. circa 1883

(As an aside, the Albert Plante and Clara Plante Philips referenced in the PHOTO above were the older brother and younger sister respectively to Alfred Plante who married Louis Rousseau Brooks' daughter Flora. Albert Plante - a carpenter of some note - arrived in St John in 1884 and stayed there for approximately 2 years before moving to Dunseith ND were he lived for the next fifty years. While in St. John Albert built a number of homes including for example that of Fortunate Martineau.)

Hubert Rousseau Brooks was a devout catholic, and he ended up being godfather to a number of children in St. John -- for example Alfred Martel, in 1898 and Alfred Joseph Toussaint in Nov 1898.

Church Record of Hubert Brooks and Marie Gregoire being godparents to
Alfred Joseph Toussaint in St John ND Circa Nov 1898
Note in margin states: Married Anna L. Onerheim of this parish, 12 April 1923

Copy of Church Record Courtesy: Tamara Splonskowski, Chancellor's Assistant, Diocese of Fargo N.D.
Church Record of Hubert Brooks being godfather to Alfred Joseph Toussaint in St John ND

A6.1.2   Turtle Mountain Star "St. John Rumblings" 1892-1910 & St. John Tribune March 1908 - July 1909 'News' Items Concerning BROOKS and Friends

The following "news" items concerning the BROOKS family and friends were in the St. John Rumblings section of the Rolla based The Turtle Mountain Star between the period 1892 to 1910. Also highlited by the COLOR YELLOW BACKGROUND     are selected 'news' items from the March 1908 to July 1909 period from the St. John Tribune newspaper. Both newspapers were published once a week on Thursday.

It is interesting to see how the newspaper tracked the comings and goings of not only the people in Rolla but also in neighboring St. John and other local towns. Almost a gossip column! However the "news items" do provide a glimpse into the life in St. John at that time.

DATE                  The Turtle Mountain Star Newspaper & St John Tribune (with YELLOW BACKGROUND HILITE) NEWS ITEMCOMMENT      
Jan 28, 1892Mr & Mrs Fred Plante & Mrs Eugene Turcotte went south on last Thursday’s train bound for Grand Forks to visit with relatives.Presumably father Louis ill
just prior to his death
and Flora and Clara went to bedside.
Feb 4, 1892          Miss Brooks went to Larimore by Saturday’s train. Understand she has given up her music class. Note sure which Miss Brooks this is
or if its "our" relation.
Feb 4, 1892Mr. Turcotte was on hand for Saturday’s train and was badly disappointed in not finding his wife on Board. Fred Plante arrived home from Grand ForksThe wife is Clara
Rousseau Brooks who
probably was visiting ailing
father Louis.
Feb 4, 1892Fred Plante arrived here from Grand Forks ThursdayObviously wife Flora remainded
behind with ailing father Louis.
Feb 13, 1892Celanire Plante, mother of Joseph and Alfred Plante and Mrs Martineau of St Paul died Feb 13, 1892 at age of 56.See Section 2.1 for
full announcement.
Aug 25, 1892Mrs Louis Brooks formerly of St John, but now a resident of Grand Forks, has returned to St John from a visit to her children at St. Boniface Manitoba. This is interesting! "Formerly
of St. John"! Did Luce
first come to St. John,
return to Grand Forks
then come back to St. John?
Oct 27, 1892Archie Brooks of Grand Forks is visiting friends in St John  
January, 1893F. Martineau had closed out his business selling to BROOKS and PLANTE and moved back to (St. Roch) Quebec (BUT he came back to St John Nov 1893 because things were too slow for him there.)1st store co-owned by H.
Brooks in St. John.
March 9, 1893Eugene Turcotte’s barn burnt and he lost 500 bushels of wheat, 600 bushels of oats, 10 tons of hay and farm machinery – total loss estimated at $2,000 and his insurance covered only $1,200. 
July 20, 1893Eugene Turcotte has best pieces of wheat in state  
Sept 14, 1893Eugene Turcotte ought to be happy. It’s a girl and the biggest baby ever born in Turtle Mountain county. Wed Sept 13, 1893 is date of arrival.Daughter Argelia who was to die
3 years later.
See Section 2.0.
Nov 15, 1893F. Martineau has bought back his St. John store from Brooks and Plante. Interesting Brooks and Plante
would sell store back so easily.
Dec 7, 1893Fred Plante will succeed W. P. Hutchinson as postmaster for St. John. Fred also in employ of F Martineau 
April 26, 1894H Brooks the St John hardware merchant transacted business in Rolla.There were many of these
throughout the years. This is
an example. Kept track of
everyone's comings and goings!!
Feb 20, 1896F. Martineau contemplates building a phone line between St. John and Dunseith. 
April 9, 1896Born to Mr and Mrs Alfred Plante of St. John Tuesday April 7, 1896 a daughterDaughter Bea born
Marie Anne Marguerite Beatrice Plante
Feb. 17, 1898H. Brooks of St. John made a business trip to Leeds Monday. 
May 26, 1898H. Brooks of St. John made a business trip to Cando Wednesday. 
Sept. 1, 1898Father L'hiver is now at St. John as parish priest. 
Sept. 15, 1898H. Brooks of St. John was an interested spectator at the Republican county convention Saturday. 
Oct. 29, 1898Born to Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Turcotte Saturday October 1, a daughter.Edward Lucien Turcotte (b. Jul 1850 Bas canada)(d. 26 Jun 1928 in Rolla, ND) Daughter Elzer M.
Dec. 1, 1898The sad news of the death of Mrs. Dr. Marquis of St. Paul was received here Tuesday by telegraph. Mrs. Marquis whose maiden name was Miss Emma Plante resided for several years in St. John. Her sister Mrs. F. Martineau, and her brothers; Joseph, Albert, and Fred Plante are prominent citizens of Rolette county.Emma Plante Marquis
Dec. 8, 1898Her (Emma Plante Marquis) sickness was less than a week and prior to that had enjoyed the best of health. She was 28 years of age and married to Dr. Marquis in 1894 having lived in St. Paul a year prior to their marriage. She was a daughter of Major Plante of Orleans Island of Quebec, the head of an influential and respected family. She has 2 sisters in St. Paul, Mrs. A. Foussard and Mrs. Frank Philips. Mrs. F. Martineau of St. John is another sister. She has 3 brothers in the north west. Joseph and Albert Plante of Dunseith N.D. and Alfred Plante of St. John N.D. A 3 year old boy survives her. From St Paul Globe 
Dec. 15, 1898H. Brooks of St. John made a business trip to Bisbee Monday. 
Feb. 9, 1899Mrs. H. Brooks who has been visiting in Grand Forks for the past 2 weeks returned home on Saturday's train. 
June 15, 1899Joseph Couture dead Saturday after a protracted illness. 
July 13, 1899Mr. and Mrs. F. Martineau, Mrs. H. Brooks, Mrs. Fred Plante, Miss Turcotte of St. John and Miss DeMars of Grand Harbor went to Winnipeg Manitoba to attend the fair. 
Oct. 19, 1899Eugene Turcotte of St. John is one of the best farmers in Rolette county. His opinion therefore on agricultural subjects is entitled to weight. He farmed in Red River Valley for 8 years and has been here the past 14. To a STAR reporter last week, Mr. Turcotte stated that one year with another he has done as well as he did in the Valley. This year he had over 6,000 bushels of No. 1 hard wheat, which he marketed at 59 cents a bushel. The yield averaged 23 bushels to an acre. 
Nov. 2, 1899Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Turcotte are visiting friends in Minneapolis. 
Jan 4, 1900H. Brooks a witness that Francis Thibet resides on E1/2 SW1/4 N1/2 SE1/4 & Sect 3 Twp 163 R70 
Jan 4, 1900H. Brooks the “hustling merchant” of St John was in Rolla this week 
Aug 9,1900H. Brooks down on business. Says states crops are fair, wheat 10 to 20 bushels/acre. 
Mar 24, 1900Emma Turcotte daughter of Madeline Belgrade died of diphtheria this past Saturday 
Aug 23, 1900Postmaster Plante of Laureat 
Dec 13, 1900H. Brooks & Horace Bourassa in Rolla on business 
Jan 17, 1901H. Brooks visited Rolla on business 
Jan 24, 1901Miss Georgiana Turcotte daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Turcotte marries John McManus on Jan 21, 1901 at St. John's Church. The bride was attended by her sister Amelia Turcotte. The ceremoy performed by Father Rousseau of Winnipeg, cousin of the bride,See full announcement
in Section 2.
Feb 18, 1901Monday Mr. and Mrs E. L. Turcotte born a daughter.Not sure about this one. NOT
in records in Section 2.0.
Apr 11, 1901Died April 10, 1901 Mrs Luce Brooks aged 72 years and six months.See Section 6.3.3 for
full announcement.
Aug 8, 1901Joseph Plante involved with F. Martineau telephone line 
Oct 24,1901 Brooks visits Rolla. Father Malo moved to Saint Peter Montana 
Jan 2, 1902;Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Turcotte visit St Germaine QuebecEugene and Clara
Jan 2, 1902NEWS ADD in paper 160 acre Farms in Western Canada FREEAppeared in most subsequent
weeks as well.
See A8.3.3 for ad.
Oct 16, 1902Hubert Brooks and family have moved into C.R. Lyman’s residence until their new house is finished. 
Oct 30, 1902Mrs Fred Plante returned Friday from a visit to Larimore Flora visiting older brother
LAE Rousseau in Larimore?
Feb 19, 1903H Brooks’ fine new residence is nearly complete and he will occupy it next week. 
March 19, 1903Annie E Cain attending high school in Duluth studying music. Will teach this summer in St John. 
March 19, 1903Concerts by the ladies of the catholic church solos and duets by Misses Brooks and Bellefleur and Mrs Plante all excellently rendered. 
March 19, 1903St John the largest wood station in N.D. 
April 2, 1903George W. Pow has sold his interest in Rolette County Bank to O.J. and A.J. Bolstad of Dawson Min.Although W.N. Steele would
end up being Rolette
Bank President
April 16, 1903Arthur Bourassa who was a clerk in H. Brooks’ store. Colin Shaver takes his place in the store and Arthur will take a trip out west. (Arthur later trained to be an express manager then a clerk in Alfred Plante’s store circa July 1903) 
April 16, 1903O.J. Bolstad left for a visit to his old house in Dawson Min 
July 23, 1903Mrs F.X.A. Bourassa died last Wednesday of sudden heart failure. 
July 30, 1903John McManus has put a $250 refrigerator into his butcher shopMcManus is Clara's daughter
Georgie's husband
Aug 27, 1903H. Brooks received a fine settler from Grand Forks this week. 
Aug 27, 1903Miss Dora Brooks is taking a list of names for a class in French at St John and a teacher will come from Montreal to teach it. 
Sept 10, 1903Misses Nellie and Dora Brooks returned Monday from Grand Forks where they were visiting friends and relatives. Gone for 10 days. 
Sept 24, 1903Invitations are out for a birthday party to be given at Woodman Hall on Friday evening of this week in honor of Miss Dora Brooks. 
Oct 15, 1903The handsome farm residence of Eugene Turcotte was destroyed by fire with all its content Oct 8th Eugene’s residence 1 mile south of St. John 
Oct 29, 1903H. Brooks hunted grounds of Churchs Ferry. 
Nov 12, 1903Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks on Tuesday Nov 10, 1903 a son.Son Otto.
Nov 12, 1903Hypolite Gregoire of Fairview has sold his farm and bought a section from Omer Charboneau.Marie's brother Paul.
See section 2.1 for news item.
Nov 19, 1903Geo Hesketh (deputy sheriff) and H. Brooks made a trip to Ninja and Killarney the larer part of the week to try and recover the harness and robes stolen from here, the news came that they had been sold in Ninja and officers are on the look for them. 
March 3, 1904Fred Plante in Rolla and says there are 20,000 cords of wood in St. John and wood keeps business lively in St. John this time of year. 
April 10, 1904Died Sunday April 10, 1904 of appendicitis, Ceulie youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martineau, aged 2 years, Catholic cemetery of St John 
April 21, 1904Eugene Turcotte and family have moved into town in the building formerly owned by Tom Craig where they will set up this spring as a dwelling. 
May 5, 1904Governor White has appointed A.J. Bolstad and Horace Bourassa as Board Trustees for St. John Other appointments O.J. Bolstad clerk and H. Brooks as treasurer. 
June 23, 1904Father Malo, the first white settler in Rolette County, died at St. Alexius Hospital in Bismark last Sunday at age of 70. 
July 4, 1904Alfred Plante in Rolla with his 4 handsome girls.Jeanette, Rena, Bea and Arcelia.
Sept 1, 1904Oscar Bolsatd went to Minneapolis for a weeks visit. 
Nov 17, 1904Oscar Bolstad has bought the new Varty residence which is to be completed by Mr Varty at once. 
Nov 24, 1904 Messrs O.J. and A.J. Bolstad and Miss Anna Cain and Miss Brooks went to Rolla to attend the Sanford Dodge entertainment. 
Dec 1, 1904A.J. Bolstad at Rolette County Bank robbed. Deputy Sheriff Hasketh and H. Brooks pursued robbersSee full article in
Section 6.6
Jan 12, 1905Dr. Warren visiting in Montreal 
Jan 19, 1905Miss Dora Brooks, Mrs. Alfred Plante, Joe Ouelette of Alberta, Joe Martineau are practicing a new mass to be sung at the Catholic Church of St John next Sunday. Miss Nelida Brooks will act as organist.Mrs Alfred Plante is Flora.
Feb 16, 1905Oscar Bolstd seems particularly anxious to get into his new residence completed as soon as possible in the spring. 
March 9, 1905H. Brooks has recently received some fine gold fish that now beautify his home. 
March 16, 1905 Dr. J.G. Warren has changed his night office from the bank to the drug store. 
March 23, 1905 Mrs. H. Brooks was under the weather for a few days this week. 
March 30, 1905Born to Mr. and Mrs. John McManus of Fairview a son March 30, 1905Clara's daughter Georgie
married John McManus
Not sure which son born 1905.
April 27, 1905Alfred Plante returned home from a trip to Winnipeg. He informed us that this past Wednesday evening 1,900 emigrants arrived at Winnipeg and on Thursday evening 15 coaches of emigrants arrived. At this time of year this is a daily occurrence.  
May 4, 1905 Fred Plante went to Maza to make arrangements for new store and expects to build a structure 24 by 60. 
May 4, 1905H. Brooks selling a lot of fine drivers (horses for buggies) 
May 7, 1905 Marriage Mr. Fred Gauthier and Miss Aurora Turcotte daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Turcotte.Aurora (b. Nov 1886 Illinois) daughter to Edward Lucien Turcotte and wife Mary.
May 7, 1905Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Plante move to Maza after residing in St John for 22 years. Alfred is moving his general store business to Maza. 
June 22, 1905Miss Nelida Brooks marries Oscar J Bolstad on June 20, 1905 in St John. Dr John G. Warren was groomsman and Miss Dora Brooks was bridesmade.See full announcement
in Section 6.5.1
June 22, 1905Mr. Gregoire of Grand Forks father of Mrs H Brooks attended the wedding of his grand daughter. Mr and Mrs Alfred Plante and family came up from Maza to attend the Bolstad-Brooks wedding here Tuesday.See full announcement
in Section 6.5.1
June 22, 1905Anton J. Bolstad married Miss Jennie Johnson of Red Wing Min at the Swedish Luthern Church of that city on Wednesday June 14, 1905.See full announcement
in Section 6.5.1
June 29, 1905 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bolstad write that they are in Portland Oregan attending the fair. (Portland $55 return on GNR)See marriage announce
in Section 6.5.
July 27, 1905Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bolsatd returned Friday evening from their wedding trip to the Pacific coast.See marriage announce
in Section 6.5.
Aug 31, 1905Mrs. A.J. Bolstad left last Wed for a months stay with relatives at Dawson Min and Twin Cities 
Aug 31, 1905H. Brooks has enlarged his store by building a 16 ft. addition at rear of his building. Also installed a book keeper’s room – all to showcase his store. 
Aug 31, 1905Mrs A.J. Bolstad visits relatives and friends at Red Wing Minn 
Sept 14, 1905 H. Brooks went with son Freddie Sept 14, 1905 via Killarney for St. Boniface Man. who is to attend the convent at that place.See St. Boniface story
in Section 7.
Sept 28, 1905Martin Bolstad of Dawson Minn – a younger brother of Anton and Oscar Bolstad came for a visit. 
Sept 28, 1905 Mrs. H. Brooks and her daughter Mrs. Oscar J. Bolsatd visited Mrs. Fred Plante at Maza last week.Mother Luce and daughter
Nellie visit Flora.
Oct 12, 1905Miss Dora Brooks visits Rolla 
Oct 12, 1905H. Brooks to Fargo as a witness in a court case. 
Oct 19, 1905Eugene Plante of St John has sold the building known as the Fred Plante Store to Harry McPherson of Langdon for $2,500. 
Oct 19, 1905Joseph Plante of Laureat guilty selling in August of 1904 "Florida water" to the Indians, The liquor contains wood alcohol and 9 Indians died. Joseph pleaded guilty and got 3 months in jail in Grand Forks and fined $100.See full article in Section 2.1
Dec 7, 1905 Pierre Bourassa of Fairview brother of F.X.A. Bourassa died Dec. 7, 1905 of cerebral hemorage. Born in Margaret Que. on June 27 1884. 
Dec 14, 1905Laureat L. Martineau admitted to bar.  
Jan 1906O.J. Bolstad is residing in Dunseith. 
Jan 11, 1906H. Brooks and friends left Monday for Mountain Home Idaho to see the country where they have already purchased tracts of land.See Section 8.2B for
full announcement
Feb 22, 1906John Warren took a post graduate course in surgery at Northwestern Medical Institute at Chicago. 
March 1906Amelia Turcotte employed by C. C. Converse at Cando as a stenographerClara's daughter.
April 1906Chan O. Hill President Rolette County Bank, A.J. Bolstad Vice-President, O.J. Bolstad Cashier. 
April 1906Many articles in the paper in 1906; Impressed with Western Canada; THEY ARE PLEASED WITH THE LAND - Lethbridge Alberta - Sunny Southern Alberta - Winter Wheat Lands 
May 3, 1906Doctors Warren and Field share Office in Hotel Lafayette 
May 1906Martin Bolstad visits brothers. (O.J. Bolstad former home at Dawson Minn) Martin to join brothers
at bank shortly.
May 1906Fish Lake one of best summer resorts in Northwest. (Fish Lake an hour from St John by a team of horses.)  
July 19,1906J. Bourassa has sold his business to L. Koch and moved to Weyborn Sask – homestead attraction. 
July 16, 1906Eugene Couture built a hotel in Bannerman 30 by 80 and 2 story.  
Aug 2, 1906R.F. Warren visited brother John G. Warren for 3 weks before returning to Montreal.  
Aug 2, 1906H. Brooks received a fine water spaniel by Express. 
Aug 16, 1906H. Brooks purchased a hunting team from John Hathaway. 
Aug 16, 1906O.J. Bolstad and George Hook purchased a traction engine and intend to do their own threshing. 
Aug 23, 1906F. Martineau Sr. erecting a building in Bannerman for his hardware store.  
Aug 23,1906 H. Brooks had front of store painted. 
Aug 30, 1906H. Brooks sells Rolla bread at 5 cents a loaf. 
Sept 13, 1906Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks & family spent weekend at Dion Lake.  
Sept 13, 1906Dr. Warren and Dr. Field enjoyed good duck hunting. 
Sept 13, 1906Fred Brooks returned to St. Boniface by way of Killarney. He will resume his studies after a pleasant vacation at home.See Section 7 for St. Boniface story.
Sept 13, 1906Albert Martineau left for St. Boniface accompanied by brother Laureat. 
Sept 17, 1906A.J. Bolstad became lost in the forest the other day while trying to locate land and was half famished when found by a party of friends who were in search of him. per Grand Forks Herald. 
Sept 27, 1906 Dora Brooks up again after quite a serious illness. 
Sept 27, 1906Eugene Turcotte up again after a serious bout of typhoid fever  
Oct 4, 1906A.J. Bolstad purchased a new MAXWELL auto 1st machine owned in St John. 
Oct 19061st issue of St. John Tribune  
Oct 11, 1906Hubert Brooks at Republican central committee meeting. See Section 6.4 for more on
Republican connection.
Oct 1906Mrs A.J. Bolstad visits relatives at Red Wing Man 
May 23, 1907St. John booming as a result of Great Northern Railway improvements 
July 25, 1907Mrs E.L. Turcotte and daughter Stella returned last week from a 2 month visit with her father E.L. Turcotte in Cando. 
Aug 22, 1907Fred Brooks was down from St. John (to Rolla) on business.  
Oct 3, 1907Alfred Plante of Maza. (Good goose hunting in Maza)  
Dec 26, 1907 Joseph Plante died in his house in Laureat Rolette County on Dec 26, 1907 of heart failure and congestion of the lungs. Joseph Plante aged fifty one years and 9 months. Deceased born March 1856 at St. Lawrence Quebec.See section 2.1 for
full announcement.
Feb 20, 1908Flora Marcotte went to Willow City to visit grandchildren Malvina Marcotte and Luella Marcotte who are attending a convent there. 
March 5, 1908 Miss Dora Brooks of St. John was in Rolla. 
March 1908Martin J. Bolstad now assistant cashier of Rolette County Bank of St John 
April 2, 1908 O.J. Bolstad and O.E. Wheaton were present at the Masonic banquet given by the Rolla masons on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bolstad also attended the ceremony. 
April 2, 1908 A.J. Bolstad met with a very painfull accident yesterday while driving through the woods. The vehicle struck a stump by the road-side overturning it and throwing Mr. Bolstad out onto the frozen ground thus spraining his left shoulder. He is feeling much better at the present writing.s 
April 16, 1908Organize a commercial club in St. John started  
April 23, 1908A. J. Bolstad is apparently most popular man in Rolette County elected as a delegate to Republican State Convention. Candidate for the nomination of member of House of Representatives in Bismark. See Section 8.1.2 for
expanded articles.
April 23, 1908Dr. J.G. Warren has purchased a new Black automobile which will be here in the next 10 days. 
April 23, 1908 The St. John COMMERCIAL CLUB was brought into being, organized by Father Gauthier and Dr. J.G. Warren. O.J. Bolstad was elected trustee. 
May 7 1908Miss Brooks (presume Dora) of St. John in Rolla 
May 28, 1908 H. Brooks elected to Committe on Race Track for the St. John Commercial Club. The Club also undertook the action of developing Fish Lake. 
May 28, 1908 Mrs. Eugene Turcotte spent Monday in Brandon Manitoba. 
June 1908Mrs Emma Plante postmistress of Laureat - mention of a son Eugene. 
June 1, 1908 F. Martineau opened his store on Fish Lake stocking groceries, canned foods and fishing supplies.. 
June 4, 1908 COMMENCEMENT for St. John Public School. Miss Dora Brooks delivered a solo song which was considered well rendered and enjoyed by all. 
June 10, 1908Miss Stella Turcotte daughter of Mr. and Mrs Eugene Turcotte of St John married Hugh Reynolds, editor and proprietor of the St. John Tribune on June 10, 1908.See full announcement
in Section 2.
July 16, 1908Eugene Plante of Laureat left for an extended trip to visit Boston, New york and Quebec for its 300th anniversary. 
July 30, 1908 J.F. Reynolds of Claresholm Alberta spent Tuesday evening with hs brother your scribe.(H.M. Reynolds)H.M. husband of Stella Turcotte
daughter of Eugene and Clara
Aug 27, 1908F. Martin to build a 40 room commodus hotel in FISH LAKE north of Birchwood Park. 
Aug. 28, 1908 O.J. Bolstad returned yesterday from a visit to his relatives at Dawson, Minn. 
Aug. 28, 1908 Eugene Turcotte has been on the sick list for the last week. 
Sept. 10, 1908 M.J. Bolstad and H.M. Reynolds were Killarney visitors last Tuesday returning in the evening. Martin has one of the fastest teams in these parts making the return drivee in less than 2 hours, a distance of 20 miles. 
Sept. 10, 1908 Eugene Couture and A.J. Bolstad went to Churchs Ferry yesterday and brought home a large White Steamer fourty horse power automobile which they purchased there. It is one of the latest models and has room for 7 passengers. 
Nov 26, 1908Eugene Turcotte and son en route to Moose Jaw SK on a land hunting expedition. 
Dec. 3, 1908 Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks entertained Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Bolstad and Dr. Warren for Thanksgiving dinner.. 
Dec 3, 1908H. Brooks of St. John went to Rochester Minn this morning with his daughter Dora who will undergo an operation for appendicitus. 
Dec. 3, 1908 Miss Dora Brooks accompanied by her father H. Brooks left this morning for Rochester Minn to consult with Drs. Mayo. 
Dec. 10, 1908 O.J. Bolstad and Jas McIntosh drove out to the Downs & Bolstad mill yesterday. 
Dec. 10, 1908 A telegram from H. Brooks who accompanied his daughter Miss Dora to Rochester a short time ago states that the operation was very successful and Miss Dora is doing nicely. 
Dec. 10, 1908 Dr. J.G. Warren left yesterday for a 10 days trip to Minnesota. 
Dec. 10, 1908 M.J. Bolstad and Miss Sarah McIntosh visited friends at Rolla last Sunday.
Dec. 17, 1908 H. Brooks returned Monday from Rochester Minn. Miss Dora is expected in a few days. 
Dec. 17, 1908 M.J. Bolstad, Geo. Hooke and Wm. Cogghlan left Tuesday evening for Sask. country, their purpose being investment in land. ( On the trip Martin would fracture 2 bones below the knee.) 
Dec. 31, 1908 The many friends of Miss Dora Brooks will be pleased to learn that she has returned from Rochester where she went to have an operation performed, and is now in perfect health. 
Dec. 31, 1908 Dr. J.G. Warren returned Friday from a 10 day visits to points in Minnesota. 
Dec. 31, 1908 Tobaldo Bourassa returned from Moose Jaw SK where he got possession of 320 acres of King Edward's choice farm land. 
Jan. 7, 1909 Oscar Bolstad is still at his home with typhoid fever. 
Jan. 7, 1909 Miss Dora Brooks entertained a number of friends at cards Tuesday evening. Miss Marie Gregoire of Grand Forks is the guest of Miss Dora Brooks this week. 
Jan. 7, 1909 All students attending school elsewhere returned to their duties Monday .......... Freddie Brooks left for St. Boniface College in Winnipeg. 
Jan. 14, 1909 Oscar Bolstad who has been very ill from typhoid feber is repoted as improving rapidly. 
Jan. 14, 1909 A number of men are at work digging a trench from the DEPOT east to the residences of Hugh McManus, H. Brooks and H. Bourassa. After the work is completed, the residents will place water pipes from the G.N. (Great Northern) supply pipes at the station to their places when they will have an abundance of soft water hereafter. 
Jan. 21, 1909 Mrs. E. Turcotte left last Thursday evening for an extended visit to her daughter Mrs. Hugh Varty of Haney SK and son Dolar at Outlook SK. 
Jan. 28, 1909 O.J. Bolstad is recovering rapidly from his recent attack of typhoid fever. 
Feb. 18, 1909 H. Brooks has just purchased a load of fine fish which can be had at the store. 
Feb. 18, 1909 Mrs. E. Turcotte returned yesterday morning from a 5 week visit to relatives in Canada. 
Feb. 25, 1909 O.J. Bolstad and wife and son drove out to Fish Lake on Monday. Oscar says the water is not quite thawed enough for fishing. 
Feb. 25, 1909 M.J. Bolstad returned Monday evening from a visit to points in Minnesota. He says that St. John is as busy as any other town at present. 
Mar. 4, 1909 THE COMING ELECTION. ...... At the election held last spring; H. Brooks, A.N. Bourassa and J.K. Rudrud were elected as trustees of the town. However Mr. Rudrud declined to participate. Thus the remaining 2 gentlemen have handled the affairs of the town the past year to much acclaim. In the coming election, Wm. ("Billy") Coghlan has been chosen by Brooks/ Bourassa to be the third for the next term.See A6.4 for article.
Mar. 4, 1909A law suit occupied Judge Lyman's court a short time Monday afternoon, H. Brooks being the plaintiff and Ole Olson the defendant. The suit was over an account and the defendant not appearing, judgement was given to the plaintiff in the sum of $114.66 including all costs. 
Mar. 4, 1909 High School Notes. Otto Brooks, Patrick Byrnes and Roy Rudrud have taken up primary work in Miss Jones' room. 
Mar. 4, 1909 The Literary and Debating Club of the high school had a meeting and the President appointed Rena Plante, Angeline Croteau and Amie Brooks as program committee for the next 2 weeks. 
March 11, 1909Oscar Bolstad down to Rolla on business accompanied by Miss Brooks. 
April 1, 1909 Mrs. C. DeMars returned home to Westhope last Friday after an extended visit to her daughter Mrs. Louis Turcotte.Mrs. C. Demars is
Marie Georgiana Rousseau
April 1, 1909 H. Brooks is preparing to erect a large general store at Fish Lake this spring. 
April 8, 1909 The Rolette Co. Bank changed hands last Friday. The stock formerly owned by Chas. O. Hill, H.M. Johnson of Dawson Minn. and A.J and O.J. Bolstad of this place was purchased by A. Egeland of Bisbee C.R. Railfus of Rolla, H.M. Johnson of Dawson Minn. and A.J. Bolstad of this place. The many friends of A.J. Bolstad will be pleased to learn that he will be seen, as usual, behind the counter as cashier of the new institution. For a shrewd businessman and obliging personal friend AJ has few equals. 
April 15, 1909 Dr. Warren was called to Bannerman on professional business yesterday. O.J. Bolstad accompanied him. 
April 22, 1909 H. Brooks will commence work on his Fish Lake Store the first of next week. The store will by 20 by 24 feet in size. 
April 29, 1909 Fish Lake Boat Club inaugerial membership. See A6.4 for article.
April 29, 1909 Eugene Turcotte has purchased the town property of John Maxwell including 6 lots, a house and a barn. Mr. Maxwell intends leaving in the near future for Claresholm Alberta where he will make a home with his son L.E. Maxwell. 
April 29, 1909H. Brooks will commence work on his Fish Lake Store next week. The building will be 20 by 24 feet in size. 
April 29, 1909The stork called at the home of Mrs. O.J. Bolstad last Sunday (25th) and deposited a 14 pound boy. 
May 6, 1909Eugene Turcotte has purchased the home of John Maxwell including 6 lots, a house and a barn. 
May 6, 1909Building at Fish Lake has commenced in earnest..... Martineau Hotel is being built, as well, men are also driving piling for Brooks' store and boat house. 
May 13, 1909 H. Brooks has a crew of men at work on his Fish Lake building. They are building the store first and then will build his cottage and boathouse.  
May 20, 1909H. Brooks, O.J. Bolstad and Dr. Warren have their launch material all here from the Brooks Boat Company of Saginaw Michigan for a fine 20 foot launch and H.W. Hepler will soon build it. The 6 hp motor has also arrived and seems a model engine. 
May 20, 1909Suckers removed from Fish Lake and stocked with 6 million pike=perch from the government hatchery at Duluth. 
May 20, 1909 Alfred Plante will build on his Fish Lake lot this spring.  
May 27, 1909 H. Brooks' store at Fish Lake is now completed and ready for occupancy.  
June 10, 1909 H. Brooks has opened his store at Fish Lake. Prof. N.D. Fradd is in charge of it.  
June 10, 1909 Eugene Turcotte and son left yesterday with a car of stock and machinery to spend the summer on their claims 45 miles south of Swift Current SK.  
June 10, 1909 High School Commencement. Those receiving diplomas included Aime Brooks. See A8.3.2 for article.
June 17, 1909Eugene Turcotte and son left yesterday with a car of stock and machinery to spend the summer on their claims 45 miles south of Swift Current SK. 
June 17, 1909 H. Brooks has a neat and well kept store and stock of goods at Fish Lake.  
June 24, 1909 Freddie Brooks arrived home from St. Boniface College to spend the summer months.  
July 1, 1909 H. Brooks took his gasoline launch out to the lake Monday. It is one of the nicest boats on the lake.  
July 1, 1909 Fred Plante has accepted the position of agent for the St. Anthony and Dakota Lumber Co. at this station taking the position formerly held by H.H. Stahl who resigned.  
July 15, 1909 Who Owns This Island? Last Friday afternoon a party of men with Chas. R. Lyman as leader went to Fish Lake and made sail from Brooks' Landing to the much sought after island that has been claimed by Mrs. A.W. Tracey.  
July 15, 1909 Joseph Bolstad of Dawson Minn. arrived Monday evening for a visit with his brothers in town.  
July 15, 1909 Mrs. Eugene Turcotte and Mrs. Louis Turcotte left yesterday for a visit with relatives at Westhope.  
July 22, 1909 Mrs. Eugene Turcotte left yesterday for Swift Current SK where she will join Mr. Turcotte who is proving up a homestead in that vicinity.  
July 29, 1909Mrs. Eugene Turcotte (aka Clara) left yesterday for Swift Current SK where she will join Mr. Turcotte who is proving up a homestead property in that vicinity. 
Aug 5, 1909Oscar J. Bolstad of St. John passed through here Saturday on his way to Oregan where he expects to locate in the fall. 
Sept. 23, 1909Martin J. Bolstad of St. John went to Bisbee to accept a position with A. Egeland of First National Bank. 
Sept. 30, 1909Mrs. Eugene Turcotte (aka Clara) formerly of St. John but now of High River Alberta, transacted business in Rolla last Thursday. Mrs. Turcotte speaks in glowing terms of her present home, wheat yieldind about 40 bushels to the acre and other growths in like proportion.High River south of Calgary.
Sept. 30, 1909Dr. John Warren was down from St. John Saturday assisting Dr. Widmeyer in a surgical operation. 
Nov. 4, 1909Full page newspaper ad for BROOKS STORE CLOSE OUT SALE commencing November 11th and continuing for 10 days conducted by the T.K. Kelly Sales System of Chicago, Minneapolis and Winnipeg CanadaSee partial ad image section A6.4
Nov. 11, 1909Miss Dora Brooks returned froma 2 week visit at Jamestown N.D. 
Nov. 11, 1909Eugene Turcotte left on Friday with all of his effects for his farm south of Swift Current Alberta. Although we loose a prosperous citizen we wish Mr. Turcotte and family abundant success in their new home. 
Nov. 11, 1909The bachelors of St. John collected on Monday evening and extended their sympathies to Dr. J.G. Warren. 
Nov. 11, 1909H. Brooks is having the interior of his home calcimated this week. Mr. Torgrinson of Rolla is doing the work. 
Nov. 11, 1909H. Brooks has secured a neat and accomodating clerk in the person of Joseph Lemieux who began hs work last week. 
Nov. 11, 1909H. Brooks is offering many articles actually below cost in his sale commencing Nov 11 and continuing for 10 days.See partial ad image below. Note
this was NOT a going
out of business sale.
Nov. 11, 1909H. Brooks has installed an up to date cash register in his store. Besides having an individual drawer for each clerk, this machine totals up the sales for each separately, has a place for recording short merchandise and a clock which the clerk must punch to get a record of time when entering and leaving the store. 
Nov. 18, 1909Martin J. Bolstad of St. John passed through Rolla on Saturday on his way to Stanley where he has accepted a position in a new bank. 
Nov. 25, 1909Loronzo and Omer Bourassa returned Thursday from their claims in Alberta. They are well satisfied with the country and intend to live there again next summer. Purchased 4 fine oxen for their farmstead. 
Nov. 25, 1909Mrs. A.J. Bolstad returned to St. John from her former home in Red Wing Minn. 
Feb. 3, 1910Mrs. Eugene Turcotte (aka Clara) of Webb SK came down to look after some business matters. 
Feb. 10, 1910A.J. Bolstad of St. John went to Glasgow Montana Tuesday where he expects to go into business. 
Feb. 10, 1910Mrs. Eugene Turcotte (aka Clara) came down to visit her daughter Mrs. H. M. Reynolds. 
March 10, 1910Mrs. A. J. Bolstad and baby Aneta went to Glasglow Montana this morning where they will make their future home. Mr. Bolstad has been there a month. 
March 17, 1910H. Brooks down to Rolla on legal business. 
March 17, 1910Rev. Father Bertrand arrived to replace Father Gauthier who is returning to Canada. 
June 8, 1910Miss Anna McNulty marries Mr. Emil Johnson of Epping N.D.. The couple were married at Williston N.D. 
July 21, 1910Our friends at St. John are making arrangements for a picnic next Saturday in Brooks' Grove. Several prominent speakers will discuss the dairy question and sports and games galore will furnish amusement. 
July 21, 1910Mrs. Flora Talbot Marcotte aged 77 years, 10 months and 23 days died Thursday July 21, 1910 of cerebral hemorrhage. Her husband F.X. Marcotte had died in 1879. 
Aug. 11, 1910Abdallah Bourassa died Wednesday Aug 3, 1910 of cancer of the stomach after an illness of 3 months. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F.X.A. Bourassa and was born at Lacolle Quebec in March 1857. In Spring 1884 he moved with his family Rolette County. About 10 years ago he purchased the Hotel Lafayette at St. John. Since deposing of the property a few years ago to W. N. Shaver he was engaged in various enterprises. He was married 3 times, his wife and 6 children; Stanislaus of Fonda, Edmon of Everett Montana, and Frank, Aldea, Irene and Hazel of St. John, his father F.X.A. Bourassa, and his brothers; A.N., Hector, Alcide and Horace of St. John and J.L. of Goose Lake, SK.Historical Obituary;
Sept 15, 1910Miss Rena Plante winner of WCTU medal for elocution.Flora's daughter.
Sept. 22, 1910Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turcotte of McClusky Montana came to Rolla to spend a few days with friends and relatives.Frank son of Clara.
Sept. 22, 1910Fred Brooks off to Law School in Grand Forks. ( see newspaper article at bottom of Section 7 
Sept. 22, 1910Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Warren of St. John were guests of Dr. and Mrs. J.P. Widmeyer Thursday. 
Sept. 22, 1910Attorney Frank Turcotte of McClusky visiting friends in St. John. 
Sept. 29, 1910Aime Brooks of St. John went to Rolla on business. 
Oct. 6, 1910Mr. Laureat Martineau went to Bannerman to conduct a closing out sale at that place on Oct 13, 1910. He will spend the better part of the week in Bannerman. 
Oct. 6, 1910Dr. J.G. Warren went to Devils Lake to meet his uncle Alex Giffney of Chicago. Having failed to make the connections, Mr. Giffney arrived Friday evening. 
Oct. 13, 1910The St. John Alumini held a business and social meeting at the home of Misses Plante. A very pleasant time is reported. 
Oct. 13, 1910Eugene Plante of Laureat left Thursday for a visit of 3 weeks in various parts of Montana. 
Oct. 20, 1910Mrs H. Brooks left Saturday for Grand Forks where she will hear Malba sing and also visit relatives. 
Oct 27, 1910Mrs H. Brooks returned last Wednesday from Grand Forks where she was visiting relatives. 
Nov. 10, 1910John McManus of Fairview has sold his farm in Fairview and will leave this evening for his claims near Webb SK.John is husband of
Clara's daughter
Georgiana Marie.
Nov 10, 1910Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Turcotte of Webb SK arrived in St. John Wednesday to attend to some business matters and renew old acquaintances. They expect to remain here about 2 weeks. 
Nov. 17, 1910Aime Brooks has been ill for the past week. 
Nov. 17, 1910O.J. Bolstad and family have moved into their new residence in the southern part of St. John. 
Nov. 24, 1910Arthur H. Couture who had been ill with diabetes for the last 2 years died on Friday Nov. 18, 1910 at the home of his mother Mrs. Joseph Couture of St. John. He was born in Pine City Minn on Jan. 18, 1883 and when less than 2 yers old his parents moved to St. John.Historical Obituary
Nov. 24, 1910Aime Brooks has been unable to attend school this week on account of illness. 
Nov. 24, 1910Mr. and Mrs. Ed Turcotte and their little daughter Josephine of Chicago are here visiting Mr. Turcotte's parents east of Rolla and other relatives in the vicinity 
Nov. 24, 1910Mrs. L.A. Reynolds entertained members of the MLE Club last Thursday. A short musical and literary program was conducted. 
Dec. 1, 1910Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Turcotte have returned to their home in Webb SK. 
Dec. 8, 1910Mrs. H. Brooks and Mrs. J.G. Warren went to Rochester where Mrs. Brooks will probably undergo an operation. 
Dec. 15, 1910Dr. J.G. Warren left Friday for Rochester Minn. 
Dec. 15, 1910W. J. Turcotte of Williston came back last week for a visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Turcotte of Mount View Township Towner County. 
Dec. 22, 1910Dr. J. G. Warren returned from Rochester Minn. Thursday. 
Dec. 22, 1910Eugene Plante arrived Wednesday evening from an extended trip of 2 months in various places in Montana and North Dakota. He reports having enjoyed a very nice trip and seeing many strange sights. 
Dec. 29, 1910Mrs. H. Brooks and Mrs. J.G. Warren returned from Rochester Minn Saturday where Mrs. Brooks underwent an Operation for appendicitus. 

Further "news" items concerning the BROOKS family and friends appearing in the St. John Rumblings section of The Turtle Mountain Star beyond 1910 appear in Section 8.3.


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