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A 6.2 The 1885 Dakota Territory Census and the Brooks "Relations" and Friends in St. John

The Dakota Territory 1885 Census was conducted in June of 1885. It was the last Census still available while the area was a Territory. North and South Dakota entered the union and became states in 1889.

Unfortunatly, the 1885 Dakota Territory Census in acknowledged to be flawed and incomplete.

The TABLE below from the online Dakota Territory Census Records: page 40-026 Dakota Territory 1885 Census Index, illustrates some of the to-be family friends of the Brooks'.

Note that at this time (1885) Hubert and Marie Brooks and family were still in the Allendale Township of Grand Forks County. HOWEVER the families remained close and helped each other out on a regular basis so it was not unusual for Hubert and 2 of the Grégoire men to show up in Rolette county to "help out" Arthur. (see below)

EDNameAgeOccupationNativity AddressCity County
40-026-11Brooks, Arthur28FarmerCanadaRolette
40-026-12Brooks, Obeline29 CanadaRolette
40-026-13Brooks, Hubert24LabororCanadaRolette
40-026-14Gregoire, Lifror23LabororCanadaRolette
40-026-15Gregoire, Alfonse25LabororCanadaRolette
40-026-16Turcotte, Eugene42FarmerCanadaRolette
40-026-17Turcotte, Clara26 CanadaRolette
40-026-18Turcotte, Louis6 DakotaRolette
40-026-19Turcotte, Adelor5 DakotaRolette
40-026-20Turcotte, Georgie2 DakotaRolette
40-026-21Turcotte, Alfonse23LabororCanadaRolette
40-026-48Rousseau, E.34FarmerCanadaRolette
40-026-49Rousseau, M.24 CanadaRolette
40-026-49Rousseau, M.7 MTRolette
40-026-49Rousseau, E.2 MTRolette
40-026-49Rousseau, F. E. 1 MTRolette
40-021-01Martineau, Fortunat25MerchantCanadaRolette
40-021-02Martineau, Cedulic23 CanadaRolette
40-021-03Martineau, Laureat11/12 DakotaRolette
40-021-04Plante, Alfred21LabororCanadaRolette
40-021-05Plante, Clara17 CanadaRolette
40-021-14Foussard, Arthur29FarmerFranceRolette
40-021-14Foussard, Celenie24 CanadaRolette
40-021-14Foussard, Leonie6/12 DakotaRolette
40-021-14Foussard, Emile28FarmerFranceRolette
40-021-25Couture, Joseph39HotelkeeperCanadaRolette
40-021-26Couture, Annie28 PARolette
40-021-27Couture, Alfred9 MNRolette
40-021-28Couture, Jennie 7 MNRolette
40-021-29Couture, Delia5 MNRolette
40-021-30Couture, Arthur2 MNRolette
40-021-31Couture, John2/12 DakotaRolette


  1. The "Arthur" Brooks here is Jean Arthur Rousseau Brooks (Hubert's 2 year older brother) who married Obéline Grégoire (Marie's older sister by approx. 11 years) while in they were in Grand Forks. It is believed that Arthur also went be the name "Archie".

    It is also believed that Archie had 160 acres of land comprising the South Half of the North East Quarter (S ½ NE ¼) as well as South Half of the North West Quarter (S ½ NW ¼) of section numbered twenty six (26) in Township 163 North of Range 70 West of the Fifth principal Meridian in Rolette county, North Dakota. (see Map in Section A8.2)

    Daughter Anna was not to be born till December 1886 at once point Obéline died at childbirth. Anna was almost immediately sent to be raised by Obéline's sister Amanda Grégoire Fortin who was living in Grand Forks County and did not have any children of her own.

  2. Almost certain that Hubert Brooks age 24 identified in this census as "a laborer" on Arthur's farm was one-in-the-same as Arthur's brother Hubert Brooks living in Allendale Township! Hubert was "captured" here in the Rolette St John Census as it occured on a different date then the census in Allendale Township.

  3. It would seem then that Lifor and Alphonse Grégoire here are Marie's brothers (and Hubert's neighbors) Siffroid (the english census taker just could not phonetically translate the french pronunciation of Siffroid into a correct spelling) and Alphonse Grégoire.

  4. Also the Clara Turcotte here is Marie Clara Rousseau (Hubert's sister) (b. March 12, 1859) who on April 9, 1877 married Eugene Turcotte in in STE–GERMAINE,DORCHESTER, Québec, Canada.

  5. Its perhaps an amazing coincidence from the sequential ennumeration numbers 40-026-11 to 40-026-21 that the families were living so close together. Even the Rousseau family (not sure at this point of the exact relationship) were very close at hand.

  6. Perhaps these "relations" were a component of the magnet that drew mother Luce Rousseau Brooks as well as Hubert and Marie Grégoire Brooks to St. John.


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